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0003698Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-08-14 15:562019-08-14 15:56
0003698: Zandronum client crash after VIRTUAL SYNC changes
Changing VIRTUAL SYNC settings in control panel off and later on results in client crash. Happens when VIRTUAL SYNC is set back to "on".
Occured multiple times, but not always.
Stored settings on client launch:
vid_maxfps is set to 200.
cl_capfps is set to FALSE.
vid_vsync is TRUE.
Software rendered.

Game is started, console command "VID_FPS" is set to TRUE to show FPS.
As per monitor refresh rate 60Hz, approx 60 FPS are generated.
In controls VIRTUAL SYNC option is set to OFF (vid_vsync=FALSE).
Frame rate go up to 200 (max set to 200). Game is played with 200 frames per second. After a while, in controls VIRTUAL SYNC option is set to ON (vid_vsync=TRUE) - client crashes.

Graphics driver Intel HD 4000, Windows 10 Pro, monitor refresh rate 60Hz.
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