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0003677DoomseekerUIpublic2019-07-12 20:222019-07-13 19:47
0003677: Is focus rectangle in the server table needed?
Server table bases on full row selection, therefore the cell focus is not relevant. Drawing a focus rectangle within it may be viewed by the user as interface clutter (albeit miniscule).

Due to how the player slots and engine icon are drawn, the focus rectangle was having visual glitches as reported in 0003461. These glitches were "fixed" by not drawing the rectangle in these columns. Since this is already in place, removing the rectangle for remaining cells will be trivial (more trivial than writing the description of this ticket).

Should we remove the rectangle in this table altogether?
The focus rectangle is helpful in editable tables or in case if each cell has different actions contextually - neither is the case in the server table.

The focus rectangle (if left alone) may not be visible anyway or have different appearance depending on the underlying windowing system.
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related to 0003461closed Zalewa Right aligning decoration images/user roles (player slot styles) is done with a CustomItemDelegate hack 
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Pol M   
2019-07-13 18:26   
I'd say yes.
2019-07-13 19:46   
Is focus rectangle in the server table needed?

Should we remove the rectangle in this table altogether?

Quote from Pol M
I'd say yes.

Pol M   
2019-07-13 19:47   
Sorry, I meant that I think it should be removed for consistency.