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0003669DoomseekerUIpublic2019-06-23 10:322019-07-30 10:13
0003669: Unable to reorder file search paths
It should be possible to reorder the file paths (WAD search paths) in the configuration box by drag'n'drop of the path rows.
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2019-06-23 12:19   
(edited on: 2019-06-23 12:24)
I'm assuming your intention is to say it's not currently possible to reorder (which it's not IIRC), but you'd like to have it possible. 😛

For clarification in future, the issue's summary could be summarized into an actionable issue such as: "unable to reorder WAD search paths". If you think of it that way, it might be a tweak to an existing functionality.

The description would then describe what the current implementation is, what is the issue with it. I personally sometimes keep proposals how to fix things to notes of the issue.

A little bit more effort to keep this tracker clean every day. 🙂

2019-06-24 17:48   
I hoped that this would be trivial, but instead it was complicated. Let the commmit speak for itself: [^]

Here's also a "minimal" PoC I prepared when I was figuring out how to do this

As far as your remarks go, Wub, I suppose we just have a different way of thinking about this. I already knew what needed to be done hence the brevity. But your remarks have merit, of course, and I'll take them into consideration in the future.
Pol M   
2019-07-12 12:08   
Tested. Everything works as expected, and no issues emerged after testing most combinations. Resolving.