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Pol M 
Pol M 
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0003656: Srb2 player column is broken. They seem overflowed by players with empty names.
Zalewa once pointed that the srb2 servers were registering incorrect amounts of players, and today I checked that, indeed, they were brocken. The issue can be easily understood with a photo.

The server looks full and there are more players than the limit suggests. While hovering the mouse reveals the name of the connected players, the rest seem empty.
Open doomseeker, and enable srb2.
Notice that the srb2 player column has impossible amounts of players.
Not all servers are affected. Maybe there is a new release?
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child of 0003662confirmed  SRB2Kart engine is handled poorly by our SRB2 engine 
png Screenshot_20190605_163131.png (13,425) 2019-06-05 14:33

png Screenshot_20190605_163514.png (4,854) 2019-06-05 14:35
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Pol M   
2019-06-06 16:26   
Okay, the issue is caused by a new fork of srb2: SRB2Kart.
Now, about what should be done, I'm not that sure. The empty players can be ruled out without problems due to these having absolutely all values set to 0, but I'd say that first we should notify the developers that they are not marking the players as non-existent (for reference, src/plugins/srb2/srb2server.cpp:275, the check is failing due to the node not being 0xff). Also, this is a fork, not the main engine, and leaving as is does not feel right: it requires its own program, and based on the fact that this ticket exists clearly the internet communications may change. Hoping to hear from you on whether we should rule them out, create a new plugin, or else.
2019-06-09 19:06   
If they don't follow packet compatbility and yet report to the same master server they basically screwed themselves over.

Is there something in the packet that would allow us to recognize that it is from a different game and interpret the packet differently?
Pol M   
2019-06-09 20:57   
Quote from Zalewa

Is there something in the packet that would allow us to recognize that it is from a different game and interpret the packet differently?

Appart from the fact that the players are pretty much empty (score is 0, name is "", seconds in server is 0, etc...) nothing rellevant, the player structure is the same. Maybe they have done a change somewhere that is backwards-compatible? I think that the best idea is to ask. If you're okay with it, I'll contact them.
2019-06-13 15:04   
Sure, go ahead and contact them :)
Pol M   
2019-06-13 17:52   
(edited on: 2019-06-18 09:33)
I posted on their bug report thread: post
Issue fixed by Sryder in this PR
I'll also ask if there is an easy way to distinguish both engines, and I'll create a ticket to discuss what should be done with this new engine.

2019-06-18 23:47   
Since we didn't do anything in Doomseeker code (in this reported issue) to resolve the issue with non-compat packets from pre-PR servers, I'm changing this to "no change required".