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0003565: cvar to disable spawnfog
Would it be possible to have a cvar to remove the spawnfog on joining players, without fully removing teleportfog?

Teleportfog is always spawned, and in my mod is very distracting when people join midgame and are SetDeadSpectator'd immediatley. My only solution now is to fully remove fog, which I don't find a good solution at all.
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When an actor is spawned, the TeleportFog spawned with it doesn't have any target pointer assigned to it, but it will set its target to the actor if the actor is teleported.

What you can do is create a custom TeleportFog class which inherits and replaces the original one, then have it execute an ACS script upon spawning that checks if it has a target and removes it from the world if it doesn't.