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0003556Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2018-10-20 18:272020-05-22 23:47
0003556: Letting modders change player class without ConsoleCommand
Part of phasing out the dangerous ConsoleCommand (

It would be great to have SetPlayerClass(player, classname); to replace ConsoleCommand("playerclass nyx").

Primary use case is mods implementing their own class selection through ACS menu or "Choose Your Difficulty"-like galleries on maps, akin to Quake 1 intro.
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child of 0001070new Dusk Phasing out the dangerous ConsoleCommand for various additional/improved ACS commands 
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Also add boolean "respawn now?". Defaults to false.
If it is false, then using SetPlayerClass is exactly equal to setting playerclass with console.
If it is true, then player is killed and respawned as new class immediately.
In a game mode with limited lives, e.g. Survival or LMS, life is not deducted.

SetPlayerClass(int player, str classname[, bool respawnNow]);

2020-05-22 23:47   
To add onto this
I've been using ConsoleCommand("Playerclass (class)") in some of my mods.
Specifically, having a user variable for each team designating a class for each team so it automatically sets your class upon joining that team.
(ex: Team0 Ghostbuster, Team1 Jitterskull)
Thing is though, this kicks you for user info flood if you're not careful.
Even kicks if you are careful.
Would appreciate something that never kicks players.