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0000354Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2011-03-29 12:452017-04-08 12:04
0000354: Private chat function (sayto_playername blahblah)
Coming from ZDaemon to play more prominently in Skulltag I often plan to join games with just 1 friend, be it ZH or aow2. In zd we could use their "sayto $player" feature to establish a private communication without tabbing out to msn or irc. This feature is also useful while watching duels with people and wanting to talk to just one person.
Thanks for considering. x
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2014-06-07 11:06   
This is a very useful feature. A couple things to note:

-this should play a different sound and have a different color than regular or team chats
-you should be able to send private messages to yourself, but spectators should not be able to send private messages to in game participants
2014-06-07 18:06   
(edited on: 2014-06-07 18:08)
I need input on the code. It works well so far and I've sanitized the input from the clients. [^]

I set this to 'Needs review' because I'd like to get input before I proceed.

To test it:
- Compile
- Join 3 clients
- Have client 0 type "say_player 1 hello" (NOTE: you can also do "say_player Water hello")
Player 2 will not see the message.

Things to do which aren't in yet:
1) Display the text being sent on the client's side to itself
2) Add in: if(sender isTrueSpec() == target isTrueSpec()) so that only spectators can chat to other spectators, and alive people can chat to other alive people.

Torr Samaho   
2014-06-08 13:51   
Looks like a good start. Here are some comments:
- Why mode as argument in CLIENTCOMMANDS_SayToPlayer? Doesn't the mode have to be CHATMODE_PLAYER when you want to talk to a single player?
- The "// Special support for "/me" commands." related code duplication is about to get out of hand.
- code duplication in SERVER_SendChatMessage and SERVER_SendChatMessageToPlayer is too big, either merge them into one function or move the duplicated code to helper functions
- in say_player:
  - shouldn't you check (argv.argc() < 3 ) ?
  - Having a function that accepts either name or index is new. So far we have always used separate functions, e.g. ban and ban_idx. This brings new complications, see below.
  - Using an FString for the int check is quite complicated and it will not work for certain player names. For instance, if the player name is "100". As long as you we do not allow more than 99 players and require at least 3 chars for player names, it's possible to uniquely determine whether the user was trying to use an id or a name, but I'm not sure if we want to introduce a concept that will prevent us from raising the player limit beyond 99.
2014-06-08 14:03   
There are a lot of annoying things in chat.cpp that drove me nuts, and a lot of refactoring that could be done. If you're coming on IRC today, hopefully I can discuss what parts could do with some re-doing, and that would help clear up some of the issues I had.

For the others, all great points. I'll solve them after we can figure out the above.
2014-07-13 23:59   
(edited on: 2014-07-14 00:00)
For the sound I suggest the doom1's chat sound in display->message options by default and should be changeable like the normal chat sound.
As for the color since team chat uses red brick I suggest light blue.

Small question: when using this with a number, is it the corresponding player ID we can find using the playerinfo command?