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0003518Doomseeker[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-09-24 19:292018-10-27 22:54
0003518: /bin/bash is not portable for running Zandronum testing from Doomseeker; this doesn't work with OpenBSD's base operating system
/bin/bash is not POSIX-portable. This means running Zandronum testing binaries requires installing bash as a package, or manually changing Doomseeker's generated #!/bin/bash shell scripts to use a POSIX sh interpreter #!/bin/sh (or equivalent).

Changing Doomseeker's script generation code from #!/bin/bash to #!/bin/sh should remain compatible with bash and POSIX sh.
src/plugins/zandronum/zandronumbinaries.cpp creates the script.

// Create Unix script file
content  = "#!/bin/bash\n";

For this issue to occur in practice:

  1. Zandronum engine plugin needs to be loaded in Doomseeker.
  2. In Configuration (F5) → Zandronum, "Testing Releases" needs to be enabled and a valid path (configured correctly).
  3. A server running a testing release of Zandronum must be available in Doomseeker's server browser.
  4. The directory for Zandronum testing releases must be void of the specific Zandronum testing release run on the server, to download the release and (more importantly) generate the shell script to run this testing release from Doomseeker.
  5. The user must not have bash installed in their operating system (in example, from OpenBSD ports).
  6. Joining the Zandronum testing release server fails due to lack of bash dependency, unless /bin/bash is somehow symlinked to /bin/sh or another shell. (It isn't by default, and doesn't make much sense to do so.)
Not sure if this is a bug or a suggestion. The suggestion is "Remove /bin/bash dependency from Zandronum testing binary shell scripts", and this is the bug behind it.

I make assumptions Zandronum can be run on OpenBSD, and bash is not available on the operating system (although it is available as a package to install by the superuser/system administrator on OpenBSD).

OpenBSD uses Korn shell (ksh), which is POSIX sh compatible with additions.
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patch 0001-Use-POSIX-sh-scripts-for-Zandronum-testing-releases.patch (1,157) 2018-09-29 15:42
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This is a trivial change so setting target to 1.2.
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Patch attached, patch by me, needs testing if merged (not sure if this is all that's required).
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Reattached patch with an additional commit message paragraph explaining /bin/sh can be symlinked somewhere else, and that's fine too.
2018-09-30 07:05   
Merged and verified on Linux. [^]