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0003513: Missing a required URI or copy of CPOL license in third-party dependencies of updateinstaller tool (?)
Upstream dependencies in updateinstaller tool have done a terrible bad job at following the license terms of CPOL (a non-free software license).

My recommendation: Add a copy of it to tools/updaterevision/ or root of the Doomseeker distribution.
In Doomseeker's source root directory:

$ grep -ir "This License governs Your use of the Work." . | wc -l
$ grep -ir "" .



./tools/updateinstaller/external/win32cpp/3rd Party Software/ADO Class/About.TXT:

./tools/updateinstaller/external/win32cpp/3rd Party Software/GridControl/About.TXT:

Notice none of those actually link to the license text directly.

Article 5(e): [^]

Code Project Open License on Wikipedia

An additional issue comes with article 9 license termination; Any distribution by the Doomseeker core developers (whom have been involved with distributing the source code) may be an infringing rights of those who licensed their software under CPOL, without negotiating with the appropriate copyright holders to reinstate rights to the license.
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I won't be filing upstream bugs about this, and I don't have a GitHub account.

As much as I reject this being in the source distribution anyway, I thought it would've been as simple as adding the CPOL license (which they only provide in HTML format, yuck) or URL to the source distribution. But then I forgot, "I need to do this for executables too" and I have no way of testing that.

2018-10-13 14:04   
Problem gone? [^]
2018-10-13 17:41   
verpatch tool and "win32cpp/3rd Party Software" removed by Zalewa's commit. No more CPOL licensed files should exist.

I also did a string search with grep, and found no references to these removed files to be useful.