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0003501Doomseeker[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2018-09-20 17:302018-09-21 12:57
0003501: Inform user when demo cannot be recorded due to missing 'write' privilege to the demos directory
There's a silent data loss when user has demo recording enabled, the demos storage directory doesn't exist or has no write permissions and the user starts the game. Doomseeker could check the storage directory before starting the game, try to amend some erroreneous situations or ultimately fail and display an error message.

Case: directory is missing
Approach: Try to create the directory, if that fails then fail to start the game with appropriate error message notifying the user that they want to record demos but the demos cannot be saved as the storage directory is missing.

Case: directory exists but has no write permissions
Approach: Immediately fail to start the game and display relevant error message like above.
Trigger vectors:

1. Join a server from the server list.
2. Launch offline game from Create Game box
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As mentioned in 0003453.