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0003470Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-08-28 02:392021-10-13 18:53
Torr Samaho 
0003470: Client fires weapon too early when joining the game in 3.1
The client fires the weapon too early when joining the game in 3.1, leading to your first few shots being thrown off. It's very important to have this fixed, especially for CTF games.

1. zandronum -host -iwad doom2.wad -file changemap_weap_desync.wad
2. Connect a client to the server. No ping emulation should be needed.
3. Copy-paste "join;wait 14;+attack;wait 1;-attack" into the console. Spectate and re-enter the bind to reproduce the desync every time.
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related to 0001116feedback  Client fires weapon too early after respawning 
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2018-08-28 19:49   
The client firing the weapon too early is a 3.1 regression.

However, the client can sometimes fire the weapon too late in 3.0. I'll try to reproduce the 3.0 issues better.
2018-08-28 22:30   
This time I can reproduce this pretty much always.

I cannot guarantee I can have a look at this because of IRL stuff, though.
Torr Samaho   
2019-02-24 17:26   
(edited on: 2019-02-24 17:38)
I looked into this. The fix for 0002748 introduced this.

BTW: Offline, the player fires using the example. So I'd say it's not the client firing too early, but the server incorrectly not processing the player attack.

Torr Samaho   
2019-03-03 21:26 [^] seems to fix the issue, but I have no idea whether this has any side effects.
2019-03-04 15:21   
Yes, I can confirm the fix for this specific issue. Considering that there are many similar reports, could it be possible to have a test build so that others can test it on these, too?
Torr Samaho   
2019-04-07 19:51   
Here is a Win32 binary with the fix: [^]
2019-12-04 06:11   
(edited on: 2019-12-04 06:12)
Can confirm that the binary Torr posted above my comment works.

2020-02-10 03:39   
As a person who has participated in the Zandronum Competition Alliance, I can confirm that some of the people I have played with and against have experienced this. There was once a long scuffle in the ZCA Discord server where someone showed a GIF of them firing an SSG point-blank at another player and not dealing any damage due to this very bug. Everyone kept trying to discern whether or not it was his ping or something like that, but Water later stepped in and confirmed that it was this very bug.

Whoever is in charge of fixing this bug, please expedite. This has been ruining CTF games for years now, and everyone's completely sick of it.
Torr Samaho   
2020-02-16 20:57   
A fix for the issue is ready for testing, see above. Can you confirm that the fix works? Do you need more info regarding the testing?
Torr Samaho   
2020-05-01 18:49   
I'll add the fix to the main repository to include it in the upcoming 3.1 beta build.
2021-10-10 10:40   
Upon testing, this appears to be fixed now.
2021-10-13 18:53   
Thanks for testing it out. I'll mark this as resolved now.