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0003438: Desaturated translations created with CreateTranslation via ACS don't work online
When trying to use scripts to create translations, I've noticed that desaturated translations created/stored via ACS don't work online. They work fine offline and also function when applied directly to an actor's properties using 'Translation,' but don't show up at all online when they're made with 'CreateTranslation' via ACS.
Using desaturatedbug.wad go to an offline game then summon 3 custom Imps with the following names:

doomimp1 - This is a CreateTranslation done with palette remapping to appear 100% black and is applied in the spawn state 'Thing_SetTranslation.'
doomimp2 - This is a CreateTranslation done with a desaturated translation value and is applied in the spawn state with 'Thing_SetTranslation.'
doomimp3 - This is a desaturated translation applied directly to the actor's properties.

Then repeat the process online and it should show doomimp2 as brown instead of blue.
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? desaturatedbug.wad (705) 2018-06-30 23:34
png online.png (195,707) 2018-06-30 23:35

png offline.png (160,420) 2018-06-30 23:35
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I also attached screenshots showing the results of spawning the Imps online and offline.