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0003432: Slippery Air Control
I've been taking cracks at fixing this issue since I started hosting Skulltag servers almost ten years ago and haven't figured it out.

My best description of this is that on other servers, air control functions as it should. However any time I host a server, I'm stuck slipping and sliding through air or water (as this also affects swimming in deep water sectors).

Ever since my first encounter (to reiterate) with this almost ten years ago, I've been under the assumption that it's a setting not set right on my part. But I've gathered that other people have had this issue aswell.

I used Classic Ghouls VS Humans' (gvhv7b9_fixed.pk3) Sjas ghoul as an example in this video. [^]

The most perplexing thing concerning this is that with the below video, whether the air control is broken or not seems to vary game to game. Never during the before game countdown.
I don't know the exact steps to reproduce this kind of result outside of GvH other than maybe reset the map you're on and see if air control in the deep water sector behaves normally or is broken.

As for Ghouls VS Humans:

1)Make sure that there are two clients on the server
and have either you or him join as an SJAS.
2)Insure that air control is working before match.
3)See if it still works during match. If not, spectate or have your friend spectate to re-initiate the pre-match countdown timer.
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This should probably be renamed "slippery flight/swimming" rather than air control, since it's not related to "air control" in the typical sense.

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Late update 7/9/2020:

The cause of this issue is the compatflag "compat_plasmabump".