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0003426Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-05-15 08:282018-05-18 17:52
0003426: Duel makes some actors spawn at floor level
In duel mode, some objects seem to spawn at floor level rather than Z height, but only after the countdown ends and match actually starts. Which makes me think it has to do with when the map is reinitialized after countdown.

I however, cannot find a pattern as to why and in which cases it happens. The very same actor that spawns at floor level in this scenario might spawn fine in a different map under the same concept: Duel, 3d floor, countdown.
Sorry for big downloads

1. Download QCDE (
2. Download QCDEmaps (
3. Run zandronum with both loaded
4. Console: "duel 1" "sv_itemrespawn 1" "map qcdl02" "addbot" (or connect from another client)
5. During the countdown, the armor will be in the right spot
6. When the countdown ends and match starts, armor will be below the 3d floor.
7. If you pick the armor (it will resoawn after 30 seconds), it will respawn above the 3d floor as expected.
Here's a video showing this issue and also how it looks in gzdoombuilder (position). I even added a bridge actor to try to "hold" the armor if the 3d floor failed, but still no luck. [^]
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Correction, the map name (in the linked version) is "QCDE08"
2018-05-18 17:52   
I'd rather wait that somebody could make a strongly reduced map out of this.