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0003421Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-05-04 02:532020-12-18 05:27
0003421: Railguns don't spawn puff on flats
Railgun attacks normally spawn puffs when hitting walls, but they never spawn puffs when hitting floors and ceilings, even wiith flag +ALWAYSPUFF.
This is a bug that has been since fixed in GZDoom.
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2018-05-04 05:56   
More than just visual stuff, when you want your puff to do something (like a howitzer, or doom 2016 gauss cannon) it will only happen when it hits walls.
2018-05-04 10:25   
(edited on: 2018-05-04 10:43)
Just spawn an actor on client side when the missle hits something.

Not much you can do.The no puffs on floor is old thing. They know about it but they can't fix it.

The problem is with bullets,

And the real problem here is no one gives a shit about modders.
They keep repairing some complete crap that does not affect gameplay. I stopped even making the fucking examples since no one checks them anyway,

They talk about merging more with gzdoom just to admit later they can't add zscript because of something. GOOD GOD.

We should stick to decorate. Eventualy start ading our own stuff and let go the zdoom/gzdoom crap.

Honestly if I will see too much close love with gzdoom zdoom. This will backfire.

Randi is dead. She made huge step for doom moding but that's it. Zandronum is long enought to be something more than multiplayer + zdoom. People from zdoom/gzdoom will always do mods for single layer since the port is for single player ( tho they plan adding some onlibne crap but fuck this - not our problem ). The mods for zandronum will be made by people who use zandronum as their main port. They should simply keep upgrading decorate and forget about zdoom boys.

Torr Samaho   
2018-05-06 12:40   
Quote from Michaelis
This is a bug that has been since fixed in GZDoom.

Do you know when GZDoom fixes this?

Quote from Filystea
They talk about merging more with gzdoom just to admit later they can't add zscript because of something. GOOD GOD.

You apparently completely misunderstood this. ZScript is not compatible with our current c/s architecture. Getting c/s into GZDoom and then merging with GZDoom would be a way to solve this.
2018-05-06 14:04   
(edited on: 2018-05-06 14:05)
Sure keep chasing rabbit.

Will we change modding lang each time zdoom/gzdoom dev changes ? Because *the last one is bad* or what ever.

You should be thinking about dropping that fucking zdoom dependancy.

2018-05-07 02:49   
@Torr: [^]
2018-12-10 06:28   
bumping this, because i really want to see this issue solved before Zandronum get any other major update in the future, it is a really extreme usefull feature for mods.
2020-05-02 07:14   
Bumping as I think this should be easy to add to 3.1. There is already code for this.

GZDoom discussion: [^]
Pull request: [^]
Code itself: [^]
2020-12-18 05:27   
Is this added yet or being considered at least?