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0003348Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-11-23 18:092017-12-02 20:12
PCWindows 10 Enterprise LTSB1607-14393.1770
0003348: TeamViewer 13 + Zandronum = denial of controlling game with keyb and mice
TeamViewer 13 + Zandronum = denial of controlling game with keyb and mice.
When TeamViewer 13 launched, controls in zan is blocking. Cant use mouse and keyboard. Game window is active and working fully, but controls is hang.
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2017-11-23 18:11   
New note: not surely launch the controling of pc or get it. Just process launched TV+ZAN and this
2017-11-24 18:09   
Since you didn't specify if it's a problem with either offline game or online game, I'll assume it's with both.

Can you check if it happens in GZDoom 1.8.6?
If yes, please check also latest GZDoom from here.
2017-11-26 17:31   
This occurs after connecting to PC (currently connected (control window) or closed it, and another time is too hanged)

On GZDoom 1.8.06 same problem. (On GZDoom 3.2.1 too)
2017-12-02 20:12   
Can confirm, but it only seems to be an issue in fullscreen mode. As long as TeamViewer 13.0.5058 is open and running the the background all input seems to be blocked to Zandronum in fullscreen, mouse and keyboard. I can exit via Alt-F4 and restart Zandronum in windowed mode, and all inputs seem to work just fine. If I press Alt+Enter for fullscreen, all input is blocked again and can only exit with alt-f4. Seems to be an issue across all versions of Zandronum. Temporary fix is to just exit out of TeamViewer before launching Zandronum.