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0003320Doomseeker[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2017-10-29 18:562018-10-27 22:55
0003320: Replace buddies.png (id Software / Doom)
Doomseeker includes a "Buddies" widget, represented in the main window of Doomseeker with an icon of two Doomguys.

It's been proposed for this icon to be replaced for legal encumbrance reasons (copyright) and "freedom" distributions.
Location in source distribution: media/icons/buddies.png
Regarding attachments:

  • Derivative works of Shaking hands icon by Delapouite are licensed under CC BY 3.0 license.

  • System users icons are from the Tango Desktop Project and in the public domain, both original and modified Tango icons.

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png shaking-hands.png (4,066) 2017-11-01 10:05

png ds-handshake.png (53,115) 2017-11-01 10:07

? buddyballs.xcf (9,473) 2017-11-01 10:23
? System-users.svg (5,267) 2017-11-01 10:29
png shaking-hands-v2.png (3,613) 2017-11-01 10:41

png shaking-hands-v3.png (4,253) 2017-11-01 10:41

png shaking-hands-v4.png (3,447) 2017-11-01 10:41

png ds-handshake-v4.png (49,177) 2017-11-01 10:44

png System-users-doomseeker-v1.png (3,371) 2017-11-01 10:50

png System-users-doomseeker-v2.png (3,262) 2017-11-01 10:57

? System-users-doomseeker-v2.svg (5,313) 2017-11-01 11:24
? System-users-doomseeker-v3.svg (4,394) 2017-11-02 00:51
png System-users-doomseeker-v3.svg.png (3,242) 2017-11-02 00:51

? System-users-doomseeker-v4.svg (4,394) 2017-11-02 00:51
png System-users-doomseeker-v4.svg.png (3,262) 2017-11-02 00:51
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2017-10-29 18:59   
May I say: As iconic and elegant as the icon is, it's also a noisy icon. It's high-resolution but downscaled, while other icons next to it are fairly low-detail.

I have previously proposed replacing it with Freedoom guys, but I've now thought about it and think two ballhead-body icons (for the lack of better word) would be more in the line of neutral and similar detail.
2017-10-29 19:52   
I think I'll go with this. I don't imagine anyone will complain that the icon has changed and 3319 is too much work just to fix something that we didn't care about for 7 years.
2017-11-01 10:05   
I can like this.
2017-11-01 10:09   
Actually looking afar, it's not as recognizable immediately as I would've wanted. I mistook it for a feral head/fangs/ears.
2017-11-01 10:10   
(edited on: 2017-11-01 10:37)
I attempted at ballheads, but the result was ridiculous so I found this and converted it to Doomseeker's palette. The result is attached. And the screenshot is also.

I personally think that there's too much whitespace in this icon and I also wanted to have something manly like Dutch's & Dillon's but couldn't find a suitable template and I can't draw for shit...

[Edit by WubTheCaptain: Derivative work "shaking-hands.png" of Shaking hands icon by Delapouite under CC BY 3.0 license.]

2017-11-01 10:12   
Do you still have your attempt of ballheads icon available, please?
2017-11-01 10:23   
Partially: [^]

After I added facial features, I couldn't look at it anymore and CTRL+Z'ed it to oblivion.
2017-11-01 10:29   
(edited on: 2017-11-01 10:31)
I can give this a go tomorrow. Trying to use a tango icon as a base (see attachment, public domain): [^]

Maybe accept there to be a fourth color, or use more gradients. Thanks for trying too, we'll get it soon.

2017-11-01 10:45   
After I swapped the colors it seems to look much better: [^]
2017-11-01 10:51   
Zalewa: Yeah, it does look better.

I half-heartedly changed the colors of the suits on System-users.svg, didn't deal with the heads yet. Result is System-users-doomseeker-v1.png.
2017-11-01 10:53   
If balls were replaced with Doomguy-like helmets, it would be okay.
2017-11-01 11:00   
Would a helmet really be necessary, considering the other engines like SRB2 in Doomseeker?
2017-11-01 11:20   
This is still Doomseeker, after all.

The ballheads look much better with their shirts unexposed, though. They might do.
2017-11-01 11:25   
I'll take a poor stab at a helmet tomorrow, need sleep now. If you'd like to try, System-users-doomseeker-v2.svg is the source. Public domain, attribution to the Tango Project (Jakub Steiner) for original.
2017-11-01 12:58   
v2 ballheads are sufficient, so I merged them in: [^] .
2017-11-01 13:22   
(edited on: 2017-11-01 13:31)
I said the system users icon to be a little "half-hearted", as I'm a little unsure of the grayscale gradient color accuracy. I also notice the darker red color is usually layered on top of the lighter color for other Doomseeker icons, but not with this icon yet. The current Doomguys buddies.png is also flipped with left-side person at front, right-side person at back and this icon is the reverse. I'll post v3 tomorrow with the reordered layers.

As courtesy, please attribute the Tango project if you could.

Quote from
Though the tango-icon-theme package is released to the Public Domain, we ask that you still please attribute the Tango Desktop Project, for all the hard work we've done. Thanks.

Thank you for appreciating my contribution! (Really, sleep now.)

2017-11-01 16:09   
Attribution added: [^]
2017-11-02 00:54   
I didn't reorder the layers after all, due to requirement of moving the shadows for perspective correction. It would've taken quite some time in a text editor to do cleanly.

v3 and v4 have been attached.

I believe v3's grays are more accurate to server_details.png and chat.png, although no longer as flat as the red color.

So, I took a freedom and modified the background buddy to also have a subtle gradient in v4 for consistency.
2017-11-02 11:15   
I've went with v3 because reds in all other icons have no gradients.

Let's consider this resolved and move on.