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Debian GNU/Linuxbuster/sid
0003277: Distribute source tarball releases with gzip extension (.tar.gz)
Currently, all source releases are distributed as tarballs with a bzip2 extension (.tar.bz2).

It'd be useful to have pristine tarballs in other formats too, specifically gzip'd tarballs (.tar.gz).
.tar.gz source tarballs should appear there: [^]
Debian GNU/Linux has both gzip and bzip2 packages available to install, but gzip is considered "essential" to the system and always available and installed by default. Regardless, Debian's toolchain can handle tar.{gz,bz2,lzma,xz} fine.

Ubuntu bluntly asks in their Upstream Guide the source to be a tar.gz: [^]
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Not sure the Ubuntu upstream guide is up to date. They currently seem to use a tar.xz for their zlib source package for example: [^] Other examples include gmp and xz itself.
2018-03-04 14:41   
I'm not sure what to say wrt. Ubuntu. Debian pbuilder would probably need additional configuration, e.g. EXTRAPACKAGES="bzip2" (/etc/pbuilderrc) because it's not in minimal base unlike gzip. I haven't tested this if this is the case, though.
2018-03-04 19:51   
My understanding of pbuilder is that it runs dpkg-buildpackage in a chroot. This is provided by dpkg-dev which depends on bzip2 and xz. (I know that it's going to be installed anyway, but I'm a little surprised gzip is not listed in the deps for completeness sake.) Speaking of dpkg-dev, the source is a tar.xz according to Debian seems to prefer the stronger compression algorithms since I see a lot of bz2 and xz sources listed.
2018-09-24 01:03   
Closing for now since practical evidence suggests higher compression is used all the time for Debian and Ubuntu. Reopen if this presents as an actual issue.