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0003229Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2017-08-18 21:582017-08-27 17:42
0003229: Allow players to blacklist individual playerclasses from random class selection
Class-based mods often come with a lot of classes, and for various reasons, even if you select the Random playerclass, there are still one or two classes you don't want to play. Here are some of the reasons:

1. The class has a big disadvantage in the current map
2. The class is not properly balanced and is underwhelming, or the class requires a specific way of playing in order to use it effectively, which you may not be adverse at
3. The class spawns special effects when activating special abilities critical to the player's performance, or uses a lot of special effects overall, causing it to be practically unplayable for someone with low-end hardware
For class-based mods like GVH it's not easy to make all classes more or less balanced in every map as the map also plays a role in how effectively classes can express their abilities. No matter what a mod creator does, there are still going to be circumstances or maps where one or two of the classes are disadvantaged and are better not being touched during that time.

As for special effects, it's not that hard to make something lag for someone. I recently downgraded my graphics card and simply spawning 8 or more effect actos at the same time close to my player's position and in my field of view causes rendering to freeze for a moment. I even had trouble with rail particles until I found the rail sparsity settings.

A version of GVH I'm playing in TLMS has 9 classes per team. I don't want to ditch random just because I can't effectively play 1 or 2 of of them in the current map. But it sucks having a 1/9 or 2/9 chance of being nearly useless in a round. So I don't think this suggestion is unreasonable or nitpicky. Sometimes I even get the same (currently) useless class 2 or 3 times in a row, in a game with a win limit of 5...
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Sounds like you should stop playing random and just choose a class.