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0003217Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2017-08-03 02:182017-08-03 02:19
0003217: cl_showspawns should show team spawns when sv_useteamstartsindm is used

Just as the title says. If a team mode is being run with sv_useteamstartsindm set on, and the map has team spawns, the team spawns should be shown.

Currently this only occurs in objective based modes such as CTF, OFCTF, Skulltag, Dominion, and Teamgame (ACS) but you should be able to see the team spawns with cl_showspawns if they're used. Modes they don't show up in under these conditions are TLMS, TDM, and Team Possession.

A rudimentary map to use in testing this has been provided. It contains teaminfo for blue, red, green, and gold teams as well as team spawns.
Load the given map in team deathmatch, lms, or possession with sv_useteamstartsindm and cl_showspawns enabled.
You'll see core DM spawns but no team spawns.
This functionality already exists for objective-based team modes. It would also be nice if the team spawn visuals took sv_maxteams into account but I know that's probably more difficult and would potentially require more data to be sent over the network.
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? teamspawntest.wad (14,254) 2017-08-03 02:18
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