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0003196Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-07-24 15:252024-03-27 19:05
0003196: Friendly Monsters do not award points for "damage dealt" in Survival
Interesting thing I noticed while playing around with helper monsters is that, they will not award points to players in Survival when ZADMFlags 1024 is set, but they do award the players actuall kill counts. I think this is inconsistent.
- Create a survival game.
- Summonfriend "your favorite monster"
- First play with ZADMFlags flag 1024 off, then on and observe the difference.
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2024-03-27 19:05   
Check online with 3.1 and this seems to be fixed. The monster friend just has to do 100 damage before a point is awarded.