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0003150Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2017-05-31 19:102018-10-05 07:03
0003150: Backport +SKYEXPLODE for bullet puffs
I need this flag for my bulletpuffs, because they need to always spawn in order to have realistic tracers. My tracers spawn with the bulletpuffs so they have a realistic angle and pitch towards them, but obviously this wont happen when shooting a sky. So this is actually kind of an urgent request, since my tracers work in a way where they indicate whenever somebody is being shot, which is important.
Like with Strikerman, this probably will be my last backport request... for now ;)

I tried to look for the commit, but I could only find this fix, where line horizon is supported. This is also essential. [^]
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2017-05-31 19:23   
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According to Korshun, the code actually exists in Zandronum. Perhaps it's actually bugged?

EDIT: unless it was never supported for bulletpuffs, and we do need the patch I added.

2017-07-06 21:00   
Should be renamed "Backport +SKYEXPLODE on bullet puffs"