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0003138Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-05-14 10:572017-11-13 21:45
0003138: sv_coop_halveammo 1 and sv_deadplayerscankeepinventory 1 halves ammo twice
sv_coop_halveammo 1 and sv_deadplayerscankeepinventory 1 will halve ammo twice for dead spectators upon life restoration or map travel. First time the ammo is halved when player goes into dead spectator state. Second time when player is respawned into alive state. If player dies as the last player to die then the ammo is correctly halved only once as this player doesn't go into dead spectator state.
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related to 0002941needs testing Zalewa Option to not reset the map when all players lose lives in survival. 
related to 0003139new  Dynamic change to sv_deadplayerscankeepinventory can cause players to respawn with no inventory at all. 
related to 0003339resolved Edward-san Same-spot respawn doesn't work when respawning dead spectators. 
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