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0003031Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2017-03-07 01:472021-07-23 21:05
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0003031: Packetloss indicator
It would be really nice if there was some sort of packetloss indicator on the scoreboard, so you could tell if another player was experiencing packetloss without actually having to see him.

Here is an example from Quakeworld: [^]
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2017-03-11 15:49   
This is a feature available in Zandronum Community Client, however it's much more simple as it only shows the packets you missed.
It could be ported from there.
2017-03-11 21:25   
I would rather the server calculate everybody's value and send it out with the ping data.
2017-03-12 07:59   
I think we could add a simple icon to show in the scoreboard when the player is 'lagging' like with the floatyicon that shows above the player's head. No need to overcomplicate it with numeric values.
2020-12-09 21:58   
This was added in zandronum but need further testing. Thanks to Kaminsky.
2021-07-23 21:03   
Zandronum 3.1 also adds the packet loss indicator from ZCC, which can be set using the CVar "cl_showpacketloss" (disabled by default).