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0002786Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2016-07-15 07:592018-05-02 15:48
0002786: Add a dialog box to give a reason for a kick or ban.
When I right-click on a player and select kick or ban, he is gone without me having a chance to explain why. I believe it is possible to give a reason for a kick and a reason and duration for a ban if it is done via a command typed in the console.

My suggestion is to add a dialog box for the server owner to type in a reason for a kick or both reason and duration for a ban when using the right-click menu. If the server owner does not wish to give a reason or duration, he could just leave it blank.
This would be nicer for both the server owner and the person being kicked or banned.
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2018-05-02 15:48   
Since you are working on a new version (3.1), now is the time for feature requests. I wanted to bring this to your attention, but I don't want to be annoying, so I promise not to bump this again this year.