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0002715: Scripting access to dmflags and co
One of the major uses of ConsoleCommand is to have mods set dmflags. So in order to remove ConsoleCommand we need to provide a proper way for mods to affect gameplay settings.

I managed to put together an interface that allows mods to specify values for gameplay settings while allowing the server admin to override the mods' choices. ACS can set a dmflag to be either enabled, disabled or leave it as it is (leave it as "default", which means it falls back to the actual CVar value).


script 1 OPEN
        SetGameplaySetting(GS_NOMONSTERS, GS_ENABLED);
        SetGameplaySetting(GS_INFINITEAMMO, GS_DISABLED);
        SetGameplaySetting(GS_NOJUMP, GS_DISABLED);

This enables no-monsters mode and limited airmovement. It also disables infinite ammo and no jump.

Some issues, though:
* should the mod really be allowed to disable a setting like this? Maybe all we should provide is default and enabled.
* I still think that compat_limitedairmovement should be inverted. We should really decide on dmflags because this will sort of lock them
* The patch currently needs to change all declarations of the affected flag CVars, because C++03 doesn't have constructor deferring (I could add a constructor overload to FFlagCVar otherwise). [^]
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has duplicate 0003558closed  Letting modders change DM/DM2/Compat/Zandro etc. flags without ConsoleCommand 
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Summary of IRC discussion with Dusk:

I really question a need to change dmflags on the fly. The few that might make sense, for example infinite ammo, could make even more sense as a per-player effect (i.e. powerup) in my opinion. So with that said I think ACS is not the place to do this.

The primary purpose of this feature is to provide suggestions for server configuration (or server autoconfig) which is essentially what CMPGNINF does for invasion and single player. I see no reason this can't be logically used to provide map settings that the server operator can choose to opt out of.

On the other hand CMPGNINF and MAPINFO both serve the exact same purpose once you really think about it. While I personally kind of like the logical separation of types there's no technical reason for it. With that said I can get behind deprecating CMPGNINF and moving everything to MAPINFO.

ZDoom already allows maps to set compat flags through MAPINFO. These should not be ignored (not sure off hand if they can be ignored in ZDoom). There are some zacompat flags that can be easily argued to be ignorable, and I think this is where we should be talking about Skulltag/Zandronum's abuse of the "compatibility" flag. Most of the zacompat flags should be dmflags and few really old ones should really just be client options.

As for dmflags in MAPINFO, ZDoom already has nojump for example which of course the user/server operator can override, so there is precedent here. (Note: I don't think all the other dmflags need to be individual three way toggles. A blanket ignore is enough.)
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The three-way toggle is for the mods. Basically the third option here is "disable this flag even if the cvar is enabled". Which I'm getting less and less convinced is a good idea.