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0002686Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2016-03-30 17:512016-04-03 15:55
Desktop (x86_64)Windows6.3
0002686: CMPGNINFO Doesn't Accept ZAFlags
The Campaign lump [ [^] ] file doesn't accept the newly flags: ZaCompatFlags and ZaDMFlags. If a CMPGNINF contains such properties, Zandronum will crash with the error message: "CAMPAIGN_ParseCompaignInfo: Unknown CMPGNINF property, "ZaCompatFlags"!
As Zandronum has extended to more flags [ ], it would also be nice if the CMPGNINF could also have these flags as well.

Attached to this ticket is a demonstration PWAD for this issue
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7z Campaign.7z (274) 2016-03-30 17:51
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Torr Samaho   
2016-04-03 15:55   
FYI, this is not a bug, but more a missing feature. Thus, I'll change this from "Bug" to "Suggestion".