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0002627Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2016-02-10 13:022021-07-31 04:26
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0002627: Vote status display disappears from hud when the client votes
This bug actually appeared in Zandonum 1.0, it wasn't present in Skulltag. It makes voting very annoying as vote count can't be seen after you have voted. Only scoreboard lets you see the current status of the vote.
1) be in a game where a vote has started
2) vote yes or no
3) the vote display has disappeared
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Having the vote screen disappear shortly after casting a vote seems to have been intentional, judging from the comments left in the source code.

Nonetheless, 3.1 adds the CVar "cl_hidevotescreen" (true by default for compatibility reasons) so that the user may decide on whether the vote screen continues displaying after they've voted or not.