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0002484: Server setup menu
Now that we have menudef, it's possible to have a menu for server administration. I have the implementation working, now it's mostly a matter of fleshing out the menu.

I'm going to try see if there can be a dedicated menu for handling the map rotation, it would be nice to have that. Also, the dmflags compatflags are available for modification when rcon is logged into. [^]
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2017-09-11 21:31   
This is now cleaned up and ready, I think. User control and map rotation menu will need to show up later.

2017-10-09 07:21   
This was merged into 3.1.
2018-05-07 05:39   
It seems to work, but I have a suggestion: Make it so the server name, web address, and contact info fields show that of the server you're connected to, rather than what's in your config file.

This would make it a bit less of a pain when trying to change that information on a server you have RCON for that isn't hosted on the same machine/zandronum install.
2018-09-11 20:43   
(edited on: 2018-09-11 20:46)
* I can't seem to toggle teamplay, allow jump and allow crouch in the gameplay options menu.
* I'm also unable to toggle enforce WADs in the main menu, though I'm not sure which variable it's supposed to toggle.
* If you disconnect/reconnect (or there's a "map" map change) after having had access to the menu once, it'll still allow you to use the menu even though you haven't been granted RCON access for a 2nd time yet, allowing you to use the menu until you're kicked for flooding the server with commands.

Also agree with what StrikerMan780 said.