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0002310Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-06-14 07:222018-08-27 19:14
0002310: Ancient weapon desync when connecting to server with cl_startasspectator 0: Client fires weapon too late
See attached screenshot. It seems that the client fires the weapon too late when connecting to the server with cl_startasspectator set to 0.
1. zandronum -iwad doom2.wad -host +sv_nomonsters 1
2. Connect a client to the server with an emulated ping of 603 and with cl_startasspectator set to 0.
3. Rapidly press +attack once you see yourself in the map and keep pressing it until a few pistol shots have been fired.
4. "changemap map01" in the server console.
This is not a regression since it was never fixed.
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related to 0001116feedback  Client fires weapon too early after respawning 
png Screenshot_Doom_20150614_091222.png (103,926) 2015-06-14 07:22
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2015-06-14 07:27   
It's not that important to have this one fixed immediately since it's unlikely to happen very often. As far as I know, most people never join DM servers with cl_startasspectator set to 0 anyway.