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0001688: EnableChasecam and DisableChasecam ACS functions.

The chasecam is a neat tool in various ways; I'm currently using it for a sort of third-person perspective for a Metroid morph ball. However, the way it's enabled is unbelievably hacky as can be--a ConsoleCommand("chase"); script. Well, shit.

All other third-person camera systems I've tried have been insufficient for the purpose--the third-person camera system on the ZDoom wiki not only lags horribly but gets caught on architecture, and a GetPlayerInput-based system doesn't take into account non-player-inputted movement.
Even now, enabling and disabling the Chasecam is a toggle, so there's a chance that the player will end up in third-person non-morph-ball if they exit the level while morphed.

This isn't exactly a feature that's desperately needed or else the world of Doom modding will collapse, but I think this is one of the few legitimate uses of ConsoleCommand that currently doesn't have any reasonable or viable alternatives. When ConsoleCommand is phased out, this will kind of be left high and dry--so, well, I'd like to request a few ACS funcs to Enable/Disable/Toggle the chasecam.
I dunno what else to say, so I've attached a picture of the ConsoleCommand("chase"); in action. Behold the Morph Trapezoid.
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Ijon Tichy   
2014-01-30 00:30   
Having two functions for essentially the exact same job is... kind of bad. Instead...

GetPlayerChasecam(int pln)
- pln: player number, where -1 means activator.

Returns how far the specified player's chasecam is from the player itself. 0 means off.

SetPlayerChasecam(int pln, float distance)
- pln: player number, where -1 means activator.
- distance: How far, in map units, the camera should be able to go from the player. Negative values should be considered 0.

Sets how far the chasecam can go for the specified player. A distance of 0 means "turn off".
2014-02-05 12:45   
But why should negative values be unusable ?
We could use it to make the chasecam face the player from in front of him.
And what about the height of the camera ? It would be nice to have that customizable too.
2014-07-12 10:43   
Perhaps this could be tacked onto Get/SetPlayerProperty?
2014-07-12 11:46   
No, SetPlayerProperty is a really weird shit. It doesn't really deal w/ player properties, it's moreover a deprecated function to give player a cheat.
2014-07-12 19:28   
I have an ACS Script that does chasecam client-side, and also obeys the user's chase distance and chase height parameters. It may be of help.
2016-06-27 02:20   
(edited on: 2016-06-27 02:21)
Bumping this, as in 3.0, the chasecam I created in ACS is no longer interpolated, thus looking extremely jittery in uncapped FPS. (Seems SetActorPosition is no longer interpolated.)

This wasn't an issue in 1.3, unsure of 2.0... but, being able to use the native chasecam would be better than anything else.

2018-03-26 14:29   
> Bumping this, as in 3.0, the chasecam I created in ACS is no longer interpolated, thus looking extremely jittery in uncapped FPS. (Seems SetActorPosition is no longer interpolated.)

This is just GZDoom breaking backwards compatibility. SetActorPosition is not interpolated anymore. You must use Warp to gain interpolation back.