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0001617Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2013-12-24 02:542024-03-29 04:38
Ijon Tichy 
0001617: TakeInventory followed by SetWeapon results in the server thinking you have no weapon out
SetWeapon works online on its own. When preceded immediately by a TakeInventory taking the weapon you had out, it breaks and leaves the server thinking you have no weapon out.
1) Host switchbroken.pk3 with +sv_cheats 1.

2) puke -493 1, notice how SomeGun turns green (indicating the server thinks you have it out) and health bonuses start spawning at your feet.

3) puke -493 0, notice how SomeGun turns red (indicating the server doesn't think you have it out) and the health bonuses stop spawning.

4) Fire the plasma rifle you apparently have out. SomeGun_NoSwitch should turn green, indicating the server thinks you are now pulling it out. Armor bonuses should spawn at your feet in about a second.

5) puke -493 1, and both are red again.

6) Fire, and SomeGun turns green and health bonuses start spawning again.
SomeGun_NoSwitch was made out of suspicion that WRF_NOSWITCH was doing it. It wasn't.
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? switchbroken.pk3 (1,254) 2013-12-24 02:54
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2014-03-07 06:14   
Unable to reproduce the desired effect locally (client/server).

Just an idea, but not sure if it will make any difference, have TakeInventory be placed after SetWeapon.
Ijon Tichy   
2014-03-11 04:30   
Not happening when testing locally on Windows. It does happen with Linux x86_64, though, since that's what I found the bug on.
Torr Samaho   
2014-03-15 15:56   
Did you test this on a local Linux server? Or could the problem be ping related?
Ijon Tichy   
2014-10-11 20:14   
I tested on a local Arch Linux 64-bit server. I found the bug on Best-Ever, which is Debian 64-bit.

It's not ping-related.
2024-03-29 04:38   
Tested this on TSPG which runs Linux and Zan 3.2 beta. The script behavior mirrored offline and a local windows server's behavior. There was no need to press fire to sync up anything because the text toggled correctly. I'll marked this as resolved. If someone finds out this is still an issue, they can reopen the ticket.