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0000016Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2010-09-11 17:022018-09-30 19:48
Torr Samaho 
0000016: Mapvoting (with intermission) during a Survival/LMS countdown results in failed map change
In an online game, if you call a vote to change the map (with intermission) during the countdown before the round starts and the vote passes, the map will not successfully change, and the player will not be able to map vote again for another 10 minutes. However, this does not happen if a player votes to changemap WITHOUT intermission.
Join any empty Survival Coop server with voting enabled. Join the game, and during the countdown, call a vote to change the map to MAP02 (for example) with intermission. Then vote yes. You'll see "VOTE PASSED!", but nothing happens. The countdown simply finishes and the round starts like it would as if no vote had ever been made. You'll still have to wait 10 minutes to vote again, though.

Reconnect to the server in 10 minutes, join the game, and during the countdown try calling a vote to change the map WITHOUT intermission. Vote yes, and the mapchange should be successful.
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2010-09-12 22:30   
I can confirm this it happens in my SST server every time.
2010-09-13 19:55   
(edited on: 2010-09-13 21:01)

It also ends up as a broken vote if you manage to pass a 'map change with intermission screen' vote before the survival countdown timer starts.

Torr Samaho   
2010-09-19 09:35   
(edited on: 2010-09-19 12:00) [^] should fix the problems when the vote is passed while the countdown is active. The map change then is supposed to be delayed till the countdown ends.

The only case where I know that it doesn't work yet is when the vote passes before the countdown starts and then someone joins the game starting the countdown after the vote passed but before the map is changed.

EDIT: [^] should fix the issue completely. Please test.

2010-09-19 13:28   
Seems to work now. If you manage to pass the vote before or in the middle of the countdown timer, The map change happens once the countdown has ended.
Torr Samaho   
2010-09-19 13:37   
Thanks for testing! I'll consider this to be fixed then.