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0000013: Projectiles Dont Spawn correctly compared to Single player.
Here is a wad that uses projectiles, please play map jd01 for about a minute, then try playing the same map online... You'll see the clear difference. I can't really describe it. [^]
1. goto map jd01 in singleplayer
2. play for a minute, make observations.
3. host server with wad (LMS gamemode)
4. goto map jd01 online
5. Behold, the projectiles are "strange"
game mode : lms
map : jd01

single player + multiplayer

Map is unbeatable, you just need to pay attention to the projectiles.
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2010-09-24 23:18   
I don't understand what you're trying to say. I couldn't verify any differences at all.

Let's see, there are several script warnings, tries to register class 'Barrel' more than once, two actors have the same DoomEdNum of 2024.
2014-05-15 21:48   
old ticket, no feedback, wad link is dead