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0001094Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2012-10-02 01:552018-09-12 15:04
0001094: Clients raise morph weapons online
The morph weapons should appear on-screen fully raised after morphing. Clients don't ignore the "Select" state (A_Raise).
1. zandronum.exe -file morph_bug_test_09.wad -host +sv_cheats 1
2. Connect 1 client to the server.
3. "join" in the console.
4. "give morphitem" in the console.
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related to 0000193closed Torr Samaho Able to fire weapon before it's passed A_Raise 
related to 0001116feedback  Client fires weapon too early after respawning 
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2012-10-02 02:13   
Actually, I think the problem is that clients think they're supposed to raise the morph weapon online. Offline, you don't raise the morph weapon.
2016-02-06 08:26   
This is still an issue and causes severe desync if anything is called in a morphed class weapon's ready state during the time frame it is 'raising'.