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0000010: Allow game mode changing without having to use "map" to take effect
I've noticed that using "map" to change a game mode is somewhat annoying, especially for global ACS.

Anyway, I've also noticed that a game mode will automatically switch in the right conditions after an intermission (which doesn't allow a game mode to change, normally). This includes changing a Deathmatch into a CTF if there are only team starts and 2 flags placed on the map. Or a Team LMS turning into a TeamGame if there are only team starts placed on the map.

Now, why is it that we have to do "map map01" to get these game mode settings to take effect? - Such as the "deathmatch will be changed for next game.", this should mean next map.
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Torr Samaho   
2010-09-10 16:09   
The game mode already needs to be known when the map is set up initially, for instance some map things are only spawned in deathmatch. So it's not feasible to change the game mode on the fly and that's why all the game mode CVARs are latched. It would be technically possible to change the game mode after a "changemap" map change (and this is already done under some special circumstances), but I don't think that this is worth the effort.
2010-09-11 14:55   
I can't tell if you misread the request, but it was for having changemap change the game mode and not for on the fly game mode changes.
Torr Samaho   
2010-09-11 15:38   
I reread the request and still don't see that it clearly requests under which circumstances game mode changes should take effect (that's why I mentioned both obvious occasions under which one could want this before), but you are likely right that it was meant to request having "changemap" change the game mode.

The main technical reasons why a "changemap" map change doesn't change the game mode is that ZDoom doesn't unlatch CVARs after such a map change.
2015-10-10 01:40   
Closing due to no feedback in over 5 years.