Master Server Policy 2.0

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Master Server Policy 2.0


Post by Metal » Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:43 pm

Master Server Policy
The rules below are for server hosts. The rules for players are located here: Zandronum Player Rules

No hacking or malicious activity
You may not use the master server listing to distribute hacks, malicious or otherwise illegal software, this is prohibited. You may not host a server to take advantage of these hacks for your own use. These offenses can warrant a block from the server listing and a personal master ban.

Bot servers
Don't host permanent servers primarily filled with bots, this pollutes the server list with unplayable servers. (I.E. no 32 slot servers completely filled with bots, or multiple servers with just bots and little to no player slots) Temporary single servers with bots are fine.
These servers will be blocked on a case-by-case basis and server hosts may appeal for removal of the block.

No vulgar, degrading or harassing server names
Server names with offensive or disgusting content, or anything pointed towards community users (harassment) can be blocked from hosting.

Wad links must be legitimate
Servers may not link to sites containing pornography, malicious or pirated software (This includes non-free IWADs like doom2.wad), or any shock sites or related imagery that may rustle someone's jimmies. This means no wad URL spoofing (i.e. don't put 'press W to download wad' in your server name to trick players using the IDE server browser).

No server impersonation
Do not impersonate other servers or clusters. Violating this rule will result in the offending server(s) being added to the block-list.

The block list
The block list is a list of IP addresses that have broken these rules in the past. The block list disallows the added IPs from broadcasting their servers on the master.

Server Care
Your servers are the houses that make the community. Both the community and staff would appreciate it if you took care of your servers and moderated them accordingly. If your servers condone unacceptable behavior, your server(s) will be removed from the master list by the staff, and might also be disliked by the community.

Server contact information
It is advised that you make your contact info (Email address, IRC nickname, forum name) public, or create a new email address for this purpose, so that users can reach you at any time. Keeping more than one person as server staff for bigger server clusters may reduce your work load, and make it easier for players or staff to contact someone if needed.

Tip: Please make sure you enlist trusted friends to share remote console (RCON) and mod rights to your server to avoid any complications.

Further information
These rules are subject to change or be modified at any time. Please use discretion when joining servers that are not hosted by our official staff.

If you see any of these policies being broken, feel free to contact us here on the forums, or on IRC via the channel(s) listed below.

  • Our staff IRC channel(s):
  • #staff - For private issues (leave a message and the staff will get back to you, if they don't reply immediately do not idle/stay in this channel)
  • #zastaff - For public issues (you may idle here)

    Other useful IRC channel(s):
  • #GangsterSquad - Community server admins & staff channel (Master server staff are also there to help when needed) (feel free to report hackers/griefers/impersonators/etc here)

Need help? Check out our help subforums, or our contact page! And maybe our FAQ.
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