Complex master of puppets - Review by yours truly

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Complex master of puppets - Review by yours truly


Post by Slyfox » Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:41 pm

Created by Monsterovich
Project Background: "Remember that Master of Puppets mod where you controlled monsters? This unofficial modification for Complex Doom can make you can feel what it's like to be a Complex Doom monster! Also, this mod fixes all the bugs in original Master of Puppets by replacing all the code."

Content: It contains everything complex doom had, except now you can control monsters! lets get down to the weapons and monsters though. Since almost everyone has played complex doom before [or at least had the wonderful personality to look at this review] I'll mainly discuss my experience with the wad rather than describing everything. This wad in my opinion is based off the map pack, which can make or break the enjoyment for everyone involved. Pick a decently sized map pack with lots of monsters, and it'll last a while if you get between 5-10 players. You can also use smaller map packs for small fun games of 4-8. However I feel that using wads like chillax will dull the fun very rapidly . Huge 3000 monster slaughter maps drag on forever, so its best if you find that nice balance of size and mosnter count. I personally last about 20 minutes on this mod, maybe because I've had enough complex doom for one year, but the master of puppets side keeps me slightly interested in it I guess.
The Marines/Weapons

At first the weapons are decently balanced, you got the normal complex doom weapons like shotguns and assault rifles and all that jazz, but then it gets progressively crazier as you proceed through the map packs this wad is typically hosted on. I've seen at some point in the game where all the players are literally just holding down the fire button with some ridiculous BFG-demon tech that clears entire hallways with one shot.

Luckily the legendary mod isn't added into this or it would be guaranteed destruction of the puppets side. Other than late-game marines being stupid-strong, depending on the map [and lives count] the marines side is actually decently balanced; of course you can cheese with your size and sitting in hallways dumping grenades into narrow corridors but that is usually a given.

The Puppet Master

In this mod, the monsters aren't pushovers. I feel at least the monsters have more balance factors to them, in terms of higher tier monsters being unable to be used unless you've acquired some kills; Even then however, I've seen people in the mod who would shutdown the entire server with a cyber variant holding down their fire key in an enclosed hallway that you need to go through in order to proceed through the map. I feel like once the marines get the higher tiered weapons there is literally no reason to pick the lower grunts other than to buy time [or the variant has an equally strong weapon like a railgun or something].

Starting in the middle of a map can also suck with the kill requirement, cause the marines then end up massacring everything that is not in baron-tier, thus you cross your fingers and hopefully you nab enough kills with the grunts to move up in life. Some monsters sizes can also hamper you, along with some map that packs screw you over with higher tier monsters as they're basically stuck in that one room.

Fun Factor - 6.5 / 10 - Depends heavily on map packs as stated before, other wise, some ol' complex doom, slightly different gameplay
Balance - 6 / 10 - I feel its wonky on both ends, but hey, to be fair its hard to balance something like this, especially with people cheesing, or the map pack giving specific advantages
Creativity - 5 / 10 - Two wads smashed into one. I don't know if I can call that especially unique.
Replay Value - 8 / 10 - As long as you don't get bored with the core gameplay of this mod, you have a near infinite amount of maps to play this mod with.

6 / 10 Please no Chillax

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