Perk'd Reanimations!

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Perk'd Reanimations!


Post by Samuzero15tlh » Fri Nov 06, 2015 7:39 pm

Hey everybody! Welcome to another of my post!

Before I went up on decorate coding, I made some re-animations on some weapons. Mostly made up in the perkinstan animation style.

So when I see this on my mediafire account stored, it just came the idea to post all of those works to all.

Graphics and sounds are'nt mine, just decorate stuff. (and few graphics)

Anyway here it is:
Freedoom PK reanimation
The freedoom weapons just reanimated!

A Quad Shotgun

Doom 3 SGG

And a weapon that it will appear in Doom 64 Unabsloved: Force-a-Nature!

Sorry for the absense of screenshots :/ but I will upload them later.

If you use something, give credit please.
Also coments and suggestions are welcome.

Anyways have fun. ^-^
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