[Voxel] Calling all artists for support (WolfenDoom)

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[Voxel] Calling all artists for support (WolfenDoom)


Post by Tormentor667 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 12:09 pm

We actually all know that VOXELs are a great alternative to MODELs for retaining a classic feeling and still giving an object the look of real 3D. For WolfenDoom Blade of Agony in our eyes it's the perfect choice to combine Wolf3D stuff and the power of GZDoom to achieve the perfect aesthetics. On the other hend, low-poly models with low-res textures can do a similar job, so we have two solutions for the following problem.

Gez demonstrated this by turning the classic Wolf3D brown chair into a voxel variant. The improvement is more than clear:

So, next to the chair, there are several other props that would heavily improve from a conversion to VOXEL/MODEL. Instead of being flat with one single rotation or jumping rotations, the objects would melt with their surroundings and feel more natural. To make things clear: We don't to voxelize the whole project but a few objects that would definitely beneftig from such an improvement. The only problem: We have no VOXEL/MODEL artists onboard. And this is where we hope for some cumulatitve community effort and support, that brings the flatness to life, support from you people :)

The complete list of things (sprites) can be found here (some of them with a single side, others with full rotational sprites, so in some cases your imaginary is needed as well :))

Resources as Sprites: IMGUR album

Thanks already for reading this, we are really looking forward to any kind of support we can have. This thread will be also cross-posted at ZDoom and Doomworld to maybe get some more attention. Just make sure to check these as well before doing an object that's already done :)

Best regards,
Dan & the WolfenDoom BoA team :P
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RE: [Voxel] Calling all artists for support (WolfenDoom)


Post by Combinebobnt » Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:57 pm

make it like this but finished
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