ALIENS - "First" public release! - You're on an express elevator to hell!

Maps, modifications, add-ons, projects, and other releases for Zandronum. Also includes announcers.
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ALIENS - "First" public release! - You're on an express elevator to hell!


Post by _sink » Sun May 24, 2015 1:37 am

The year is 2172.

You and your fellow marines have just been awoken from hypersleep, you are given time to shower, dress, eat and suit up before being crammed into the hangar for briefing on why the hell you've been woken up three weeks early. You were supposed to be headed back home, back to the small colony established in the "outer veil", RN-229, in orbit of a particularly pretty main-sequence star where you have been stationed since you joined up.

After briefing and a quick rundown, you still have no idea what on earth you've been woken up for, or whats been put between you and a nice warm bed at home apart from 130 light-years.
According to the CO though, it's a distress call from some big dead rock in the ass end of nowhere. You are quietly laughing to yourself about how stupid of a thing a bunch of dumbass scientists would have had to do to warrant the cavalry coming in to save em', and how its probably something as simple as what happened back on the "Euchre" outpost. As you step onto the drop-ship you wonder about how this is going to be another routine "sweep and clear" and how boring its bound to be..

This is going to be anything but a routine mission.


DOWNLOAD: ... f.pk3?dl=0
11.34mb of angry xenomorphs

Welcome to Aliens, my little pet project I've been working on for a while now with the help of everyone who's decided to pitch in on the zandronum IRC, including Mike12, Sgt. Shivers and many others who have joined me for testing and given me tips and what I needed most to make this happen: Direction.

Welcome to the Colonial Marines, soldier! We're here to tell you exactly how things are run around here!

  • "Just another bug hunt"
    No humans, no combat synthetics, no angry security systems and no predators, the only thing you'll be going up agains is the hordes of the galaxies biggest, baddest killing machines!
  • "I LOVE the Corps!"
    This mod is made with multiplayer in mind! I'll always try to keep a server up and if you feel like it, run a server too! I'll have a list of the best maps we've found that work with it best at the bottom of the post.
  • "But we're not gonna last seventeen *hours!*"
    Theres a reason you and your fellow marines are the biggest badasses around, its because you've got the biggest guns, the most firepower and the most well trained men and women in the galaxy! Weild some of the most famous weapons from the film including the M41A, Smartgun and the Incinerator Units! Most of the weapon and gore sprites courtesy of Mike12!
  • "You do NOT wanna fuck with me."
    Just because this is a multiplayer focused mod doesn't mean you can't go it alone, while not 100% guaranteed to be balanced with custom mapsets or some vanilla maps, it should be possible to survive one way or another.

These are the last stills taken by the only survivor at the site, Marine! Get a good look at em'!





We've also got some video footage for you to take a look at!
This footage was made by iSpook, he's the guy who's working on the port of SUAB, and a generally pretty awesome guy. He is using mods ontop of aliens itself, so go to him if you want to know what he's using.
phpBB [video]
The [video] tag is deprecated, please use the [media] tag

Here's a little info to refresh your memory about your equipment, Marine!
Peace through superior firepower

The handy dandy all purpose ass kicking machines that god gave you, if you're feeling lucky and brave, you could go toe to toe with the biggest, baddest, killers the galaxy has ever known. Be our guest to charge in with nothing else; make sure to wear gloves.

Seven inches of polished carbon steel; coated in a thick layer of highly resistant polish for that extra shine. As well as extra resistance to the "defence mechanism" what you're up against has in store for you.

A small but effective weapon, the VP70 is the sidearm of choice of any colonial marine. Loaded with a special made 9x19mm Parabellum round, blowback operated, with semi-automatic and three round burst fire modes. It is not exactly suited for armoured targets, best as a backup. Soft, smaller targets are fair game for this sidearm.

While not a standard weapon, some smartgun troops carry this weapon as their backup. This open bolt, blowback operated, fully automatic 9x19mm parabellum submachinegun has been in use since the late 20th century. With the ability to fire 600 rounds a minute, and an extended clip, it is a trusted weapon for any soldier in the field.

While this is not the true M37A2, this semi-automatic version of the shotgun also has the bonus of an extended capacity, able to hold up to 16 shells before requiring reloading through an innovative
mechanical stripper clip system, only requiring 3 movements from the soldier to reload and continue firing. A tried, tested and worthy piece of equipment for any colonial marine.

An antique weapon; a classic, used since time immemorial and still used today, albeit more of a personal weapon than a USCM-approved piece of equipment.

A relatively new weapon; the M41A has only been in service for a year, but has since been proven as one of the most effective weapons in use today. The pulse rifle, with its 99-round detachable box mag and under-barrel grenade launcher, has set the standard for all other assault rifles the age. Firing up to 900 10x24mm rounds a minute using its electronic pulse action rotating breech design, it is able to stand up to just about anything in the field.

An updated version of the original M-6B Rocket Launcher, this missile launch system is used for mainly short and long range targets, as opposed to the strictly long-range rocket launcher.
The consequences of this are that rather than an anti-vehicular weapon due to its lack of power, this weapon is used against groups of heavily armoured ground troops.

Another relatively new weapon, the M56 Smartgun comes with a stabilized articulation arm attached to the M56 Combat Harness; able to fire up to 1,200 rounds a minute with its rotating breech electronic pulse action design. Combined with an infrared head mounted sight and 10x28mm caseless ammo, the weapon is deadly accurate and whatever you shoot dies quickly and stays dead. End of story.

This specialized military flamethrower is designed for used in close combat at squad level. With an effective range of 30 meters, max 50, it is guaranteed to cook anything, flammable or not.

Whats going to be seperating who's winning, and who isn't.

Designed all the way back in 1902, this ammunition has stood the test of time. Despite its age it still finds use in modern small arms.

Designated M309, this all American-made case-less rifle cartridge is known for being the primary ammo used by the M41A, consisting of a 210 grain, steel jacketed, explosive tipped projectile embedded in a rectangular propellant block of nitramine 50. Optimized for lethality against infantry with personal armour, its factory pre-set fuse is designed to explode on impact, all to inflict maximum damage.

Designated M250, this all American made case-less ammunition is well known to be what the M56 Smartgun uses to destroy anything in sight alongside the UA 571-B. these truly "smart"
rounds incorporate a 230 grain projectile with a rectangular block or nitramine 50 propellant, offering increased power over the M309 10x24 case-less rounds used by the M41A. On top of that it has
two fusing modes offering the SUPER setting for soft targets, detonating on impact; and for anything heavier, the DELAY setting allows the bullet to penetrate and explode within.

Put into service alongside the M6B, these missiles are usually used against targets in a relatively short range to inflict maximum damage on vehicles or heavily armoured troops operating in squads.

The thickened napthal fuel is almost 100% guaranteed to stick to targets as it burns, continuing to heat even non-flammable targets after the incinerator has ceased firing, meaning it's not only difficult to extinguish, but also illegal to use under almost every sector of space! Not here though.

All thats protecting you from whats really "out there"

This simple little machine may be rather primitive, but it is perfect for the situation you and your fellow marines could have. Even if it is a glorified ultrasound scanner; it not only detects moving targets, but this model in particular has the added ability of detecting the target species internal movements, albeit in a slightly limited field of view.

A primitive, although incredibly useful piece of machinery; the sentry gun is a rotating breech, 500-round drum electronic pulse action operated, fully automated machine gun. Fitted with state of the art
10x28mm Caseless rounds, set to the SUPER setting for maximum efficiency for taking down any targets that come between it, and you. This thing is able to rattle off 1,100 rounds a minute and will
keep on going until something too fast for it to handle takes it down a notch.

The standard issue armour and helmet of the colonial marines, your best friend out there, make sure you don't leave home without it! It'll protect you from anything to small arms fire up to even small amounts of explosive-tipped ammunition. Thanks to the sandwich of ultra-light titanium alumide alloy, boron carbide resin bonded to a layer of graphite-coposite carbon fibre, beneath a carbon fibre layer to absorb energy, and a woven liner of 1,500 denier venlar fibres. The helmet consists of the same 'sandwich' with the added bonus of a personal data transmitter, full motion video camera, microphone and an IFF transmitter.

While not known to the marines, this heavy armour not only provides more protection than the M3 Personal armour, but also provides protection against other environmental hazards, specifically strong acids and molten metals. It was originally designed as a protective suit for workers on military-owned factory worlds and heavy industry, high pollution sectors. It even has its own internal cooling system.

Similar to the Apesuit, geared towards general protection against the elements instead of armour of any kind. Guaranteed to keep you safe from all sorts of hazards you may face including but not limited to:
Toxic waste, Radioactive waste, low pressure and low oxygen environments, as well as high pressure environments, superheated materials and other very hot things such as lava, the list goes on.

Says exactly what it means, morphine to ease the pain and repair tools to keep you from getting any more hurt.

ADRENALINE (Soulsphere):
Packed into a small, light delivery system, 100% guaranteed to get you fighting fit in less than a second! Make sure to take at least one dose a day.

E.F.K. (Megasphere):
Short for Emergency Field Kit, this large package is dropped into the field where ever its needed, and contains everything any marine would need to survive. Although all you're interested is the included
M3 Personal Armour repair kit and emergency adrenaline distribution needles inside.

Simple light amplification goggles, using infrared technology.

Although you may not know much about the "threat" that you've been sent out to deal with, the company sure as hell does, so here's some classified documents you may want to read.
[spoiler]XX121, AKA Linguafoeda Acheronsis, or Xenomorphs, are a hostile, highly aggressive, efficient species and an issue that is very quickly becoming commonplace on colonies and other particularly remote outposts and stations within the outer veil. Information about them is limited, but the castes we are aware of have been studied closely, and behaviour documented extensively. What follows is a quick overview.

Xenomorphs have been observed to be very fast, very ruthless and very smart, so stay on guard at all times. They are able to climb high ledges and leap in order to close ground and attack more efficiently.
They have been observed to operate in anything from lone, ruthless stalking and killing to swarm tactics. Don't let your guard down and don't let them get too close. They have an interesting defence mechanism, that being highly acidic blood, DO NOT ALLOW IT TO SPLASH ON YOU.

((what they replace from left to right))
"EGGS", "FACEHUGGERS" and "CHESTBURSTERS" (certain decorations, lost souls, birthed from dead bodies (but not player bodies)
These are the three parts of the Xenomorph life cycle before becoming what is considered an adult. These stages of their life cycle, however you encounter them, must be destroyed to prevent spreading,

DRONES, WARRIORS and RUNNERS (Zombiemen, Shotgunguys, Demons and Spectres) - The lower classes of what is known as the "hive", the builders and hunters which live only to protect and serve.

SENTINELS, BOILERS and SPITTERS (Cacodemon, Fatso, Arachnotron, Revenant) - Above the lower castes come the more advanced in both age and mutations of the Xenomorph broods you may encounter.
Some are able to spit (Spitters and Sentinels) and are much larger than their lower-caste counterparts. Boilers in particular are rather "explosive", so steer clear when you see any which have a greenish tint, and particularly strange coloured blood.


PRAETORIANS, PALETINES and CARRIERS (hellknight, baron of hell, pain elemental and archvile) -
Above and in "command" of the lower castes, the Praetorians and Paletines are the "highest" and most distinct caste you will encounter, standing on two legs and with their unique appearance, it would be difficult to miss them. Carriers live only to transport "facehuggers". Beware as they may throw them at you, with extreme accuracy.

While only speculated, it is assumed that the "Queen" and possibly something even above the queen is completely within the realms of possibility. Similarly to a beehive or ants nest, it would live to lay eggs and be 'in charge' of the hive. If possible, find and eliminate at all costs.[/spoiler]

  • "Can I run this with [insert here] mapset?"
    Just as long it doesn't replace any of the enemies or weapons, as this mod currently replaces every weapon, enemy and even some decorations.
  • "Help!! An error!! A bug!!!"
    It'd be best to post any issues with maps, bugs and other errors here in the thread, or get in touch on the zandronum IRC, I'll usually be in #anakeion, #bestever or plain old #zandronum, shoot me a PM.
  • "How do I [gameplay related thing]?"
    REBIND YOUR KEYS! This mod makes use of not only reloading but has a kicking mechanic! There is/will be altfires for certain weapons! So, REBIND YOUR KEYS!

-I do not own the rights to aliens, this is a 100% fanmade mod which I've spent my time making along with anyone else who has pitched in or i've asked for help
-the drone/warrior sprites on all fours and chestbursters are from the special edition of aliens TC made by virtue,
it is genuinely pretty goddamn good, and a great rendition of a classic and I'd suggest going and playing it
-the taller drone was from the duke3D TC of aliens
-the queen sprites are from the Aliens:CM mod, another mod totally worth getting
-extra gore for xenos (ludicrous gibs!! like arms and guts flying everywhere) from mike12
-special thanks to mike12 for keeping me going with all the great stuff he's done for the mod ((pulse rifle, gibs, hunting down great sprites, etc))
-special thanks to TheZombieKiller for basically redoing the whole motion tracker, and taking the time to redo it again after the first time,
the guy is fucking godlike and deserves your attention
-special thanks to #vr, #anakeion and any of the zandybam players who have been testing the mod since the beginning
-special thanks to cookiejar for sifting through all my shitty writing.

-pulse rifle sprites - mike12
-sounds aquired for it by a friend of his, taken from aliens: colonial marines
-kick sprites made by MartyKirra
-casings - the spriters resource, doom alpha
-the bounce sound of the grenade is from quake 3
-the grenade launching sound is from sgt. shivers, I'm not aware of where its from, if you recognize it tell me
-the sound of the pump is from equinox
-motion tracker sprites made by mike12
-motion tracker ACS from TheZombieKiller
-shotgun sprites - nmn/Paul
-shotgun sound - an edit from cs 1.6
-shotgun dryfire click - extreme weapons pack
-1337spy for the super shotgun sprites
-super shotgun sounds - all from heart of evil
-smartgun - sprites by mike12, sound from r667
-uzi - sprites by mike12, sounds from Nazis!
-kick sprites from martykirra, sounds from FEAR
-pistol sprites from shut up and bleed, edited by me to remove the optional shoulder stock, sounds from Nazis!
-knife sprites from mike12
-knife sounds are all taken from fallout new vegas
-extra sounds ( bullet impacts, menus ) - half life
-flamethrower sprites - capt.j
-new pickup sprites for ammo/lightamp - cory whittle
-apesuit sprites - noozearts
-Mike12 (Creating the HUD and the sbarinfo file)
-AFADoomer (EKG taken from blake stone TC)
-3D Realms/JAM Productions (heavily modified Blake Stone assets for the EKG)
-marrub - helped in buffing the smartgun and pulse rifle and pointed out bugs I probably wouldn't have noticed
-other sprites ((pickups for ammo)) come from the huge mishmash of sprite edits made by BloodyAcid and the ammo belt taken from R667
-rocket launcher sprites from iSpook, firing sound from Fallout: New Vegas (Fat man)
-the flamethrower sounds have been taken from fallout: new vegas
-the missile launcher (code) was made by iSpook, sprites ((presumably from doom 2.5, taken from a very early version of brutal doom.)
-minigunner for the sprites/code for the missile trails used by the missiles, taken from polished skull
-sprites for the adrenaile needle and sentry gun - captain toenail
-sprite edit for bigass medkit - Dreadopp
-sounds for sentry from half life
-the faint xenomorph in the background of the logo was made by TheRisingSoul on DA

Maps that go well with this include but are not limited to:
Darkening 2, UAC Ultra, Equinox, BTSX Episode 1 and 2, Vrack, Epic 2 (surprisingly), Dark7, Icarus and whatever we end up playing in the server, which is usually up under the name of [mapname] Bug Hunt!
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RE: ALIENS - "First" public release! - You're on an express elevator to hell!


Post by iSpooks » Sun May 24, 2015 1:53 am

10/10 would play again.

Although I should say "8/10" because of the hud's numbers (The color combination hurts my pleb eyes, I suppose), but all in all this is nice to play.
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