Bosses From Hell

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Bosses From Hell


Post by arkore » Sun Sep 28, 2014 5:45 pm


Hell has sent their bosses to invade Earth.

You must enter their throne rooms, and defeat the bosses.

Afterwards, you will bring the battle to Hell itself.


Example load order:
bfh-v2.1.pk3, bfh-v1.9-assets.pk3, bfh-v2.0-actors.pk3, bfh-v2.1b-maps.pk3, bfh-v1.6-music.pk3

Arkdoom compatible:
ArkDoom-v0.9.7-Hell.pk3 or ArkDoom-v0.9.4-UAC.pk3 (do not load these)

Example load order:
bfh-v2.1.pk3, bfh-v1.9-assets.pk3, bfh-v2.0-actors.pk3, bfh-v2.1b-maps.pk3, bfh-v1.6-music.pk3, ArkDoom-v0.9.9g-Base.pk3, bfh-v2.1c-arkdoom.pk3



Code: Select all

MAP01 "Super Blood-Demon"
MAP02 "Super Hellstorm-Archon"
MAP03 "Super Bormereth"
MAP04 "Super Hellhound"
MAP06 "Super Catharsi"
MAP07 "Super Poe"
MAP08 "Super Cracko-Demon"
MAP09 "Super Helemental"
MAP10 "Super Warlords-of-Hell"
MAP11 "Super Profane-One"
MAP12 "Super Lord-of-Heresy"
MAP13 "Super Bruiser-Demon"
MAP14 "Super Cybruiser"
MAP15 "Super Afrit"
MAP16 "Super CyberBaron"
MAP17 "Super Apprentice-of-Dsparil"
MAP18 "Super Hectebus"
MAP19 "Super Terminator"
MAP20 "Super Sentinel"
MAP21 "Super Demolisher"
MAP22 "Super Supreme-Fiend"
MAP23 "Super Cyber-Demolisher"
MAP24 "Super Cyber-Overlord"
MAP25 "Super Annihilator"
MAP26 "Super Thamuz"
MAP27 "Super Dark-Cardinal"
MAP28 "Super Avatar"
MAP29 "Super Hell-Smith-&-Apprentice"
MAP30 "Super Arachnophyte"
MAP31 "Super Diabloist"
MAP32 "Final"

  • Search your servers for "Bosses from Hell"
If you'd like to run your own server, here is the config you would use:

Server Config

Code: Select all

// Host
sv_motd "Bosses from Hell v2.0"

// Force use dmflags we want; don't set any defaults.
sv_defaultdmflags 0
// alwaysapplydmflags 1

// Reset the compat flags.
compatflags 0

sv_maxplayers 8 // Max players to join.
sv_maxclients 32 // Max players to connect.
sv_nojump false // Allow jumping.
sv_nocallvote false // Allow voting.
sv_nokill true // Disallow player to kill himself.
sv_disallowsuicide true // Disallow suicides.
sv_coop_halveammo true // Players lose half ammo when dying.
sv_coop_loseammo true // Players lose ammo when they die.
sv_coop_loseweapons false // Players lose weapons when they die.
// sv_noautoaim true // Disable auto-aiming.
sv_bfgfreeaim true // Allow BFG to be fired vertically.
sv_smartaim 2 // Auto-aim will never aim at friends.
teamdamage 0.00
skill 3 // Skill: Ultra

// REQUIRED SETTINGS (Bosses from Hell)
deathmatch 0 // Co-op
sv_itemrespawn true // Items will respawn.
sv_norespawninvul false // Allow temporary god-mode after respawning.
sv_respawnsuper true // Allow respawning powerups.
sv_doubleammo true // No double ammo.
sv_awarddamageinsteadkills true // Award points by damage done, rather frags.
sv_unblockplayers true // Players won't collide with eachother.
sv_nofreelook false // Allow players to mouse aim vertically.
sv_norespawn false // No player respawning allowed.
sv_forcerespawn true // No auto-respawning allowed.
sv_weaponstay true // Weapons stay
sv_nodrop true // Disallow weapon/item dropping.
sv_nomapvote true // No voting the map.
sv_nochangemapvote true // No voting change map.
sv_nopointlimitvote true // No voting the point limit.
sv_notimelimitvote true // No voting the time limit.
sv_disallowbots true // Disallow bots.

Credits are available at the end of the mod; viewing the credits is the reward you get for finishing the game.

Change Log:

Code: Select all

- players now receive weapons automatically.
- players now receive spheres automatically.
- players will receive sphere when respawning.
- blocked passage back to earth, from hell.  
- balanced tier 1 and tier 2 bosses.
- reduced painchance on all bosses.  removed painchance for tier-3 bosses.
- fixed silent bfg on Super Arachnophyte.
- reduced difficulty on Super Lord of Heresy, and Super Bruiser Demon.
- reduced diffulcty of Super Warlords of Hell, and hounds are now regular hounds.
- increased size of map04, and fixed spawnpoint of Super Hellhound.
- increased size of map29.
- reduced channeler weapon firing speed.
- changed boss health scaling (for # of players) to scale exponentially now.  boss health will max out at 2x, after several players have joined.

- removed hub system.  no more crashes.
- various fixes and enhancements.
- ArkDoom: optimized nuker to not exceed packet limit.
- ArkDoom: improved d-bfg alt-fire explosion.
- ArkDoom: reduced charge time for alt-fire on d-bfg.

- ArkDoom: add d-bfg weapon.


- minor refactoring of engine.
- removed skulltag dependencies.
- fixed all error messages.
- removed weapons script.
- removed runes.
- refactored unlock system.
- added better puke commands.
- changed all map door linedef scripts from Execute to ExecuteAlways.
- added flamethrower, bfg2704, nuker, and jetpack.
- minor architectural adjustments to hub maps.
- item type and placement adjustments to hub maps, more personalized for ArkDoom.
- added more super spheres, and ammo to hubs.
- ArkDoom: added flamethrower.
- ArkDoom: added heat-seaker fire to golden-rifle weapon.
- ArkDoom: changed ammo limits on golden-rifle.
- ArkDoom: new nuke launcher explosion.
- ArkDoom: new golden-rifle pickup gfx.
- ArkDoom: new auto-sg pickup gfx.
- ArkDoom: new channeler pickup gfx.
- ArkDoom: new jetpack pickup gfx.
- ArkDoom: improved super chaingun.
- ArkDoom: add real bfg fire mode to bfg2704.
- ArkDoom: improved bfg2704.
- ArkDoom: restored missing bounce functionality for grenades.
- ArkDoom: improved jetpack alt fire.
- ArkDoom: added tagnames for weapons.
- added special ability "Charge" to blooddemon.
- added special ability "flamethrower" to terminator.
- added special ability "mega bolt" to aracnorb.
- added special ability "charge triple-bolt" to bormerth.
- added special ability "Charge double-way spread-shot" to catharsi.
- added specail behaviour to poe.
- added special ability "charge spread-shot" and "charge lightning" to helemental.

balance changes, and other fixes.

[x] fixed crashes
[x] fixed unlocked weapons message for boss 4.
[x] fixed missing itemfog for newly spawned weapons.
[x] balanced cybruiser health
[x] balanced cyberbaron health
[x] balanced demolisher painchance
[x] balanced supreme fiend health
[x] balanced cybmastermind painchance and health
[x] balanced cybdemo painchance and health
[x] balanced arachnophyte
[x] balanced ahnilator
[x] space out runes on thamuz and darkcard maps.
[x] balanced diabloist
[x] balanced pyro demon.
[x] fixed pyro demon bug.
[x] improvements to final map, and boss.

[x] Fixed incorrect balance settings.
[x] Restored missing phase 2 on final boss.
[x] added power ability to boss 2.
[x] Added backpacks to MAPS30-32
[x] Added runes to MAP32

[x] properly scaled bosses.  now "Super Bosses".
[x] increased difficulty on all bosses.
[x] HUB map: adjusted architecture.
[x] END map: made teleporters to be more prominent.
[x] END map: made final room be more challenging.
[x] re-structured wad files.
[x] added support for Arkdoom.

[x] adjusted the order of several bosses.
[x] altered the HUB map, as well added a secret.
[x] new HUB2 map.
[x] added more music.
[x] added new HUD.
[x] added runes.
[x] updated END map.
[x] increase size of START map.
[x] other various tweaks, and fixes.

1.5b-fix - 1.5b-fix2
[x] "sorry the battle has begun" still shows up, even though we already see "stage complete" message.
[x] removed extra "Boss health increases." screen message.
[x] health bar shows 0% for brief moment when boss is despawned during a match cancel.
[x] map 29 exit went to hub2, instead of hub1
[x] map 31 didn't unlock.

1.5b - 1.5b-fix
[x] add walls to limit base guards to avoid common pathways and not enter start area.
[x] bug when player kills himself in waiting room during battle.
[x] map 29: fix hom effect.
[x] armor in hubs
[x] add secret to upper/outside; allow players to pass.
[x] soulsphere/armor in map29 ammo room.
[x] "base is open" not displaying globally.
[x] thru weapons fire on players.
[x] "Boss health increases" message show up overlaying "FIGHT!" message (still fading out)
[x] add boss flag to decorate for new bosses.
[x] added soulsphere to map29
[x] swapped bosses on map29
[x] health bar shows 0% too early.

1.0 - 1.5b
[x] refactored mod engine.
[x] boss/map editing system.
    - you can now build your own maps to use this engine.
[x] multi-boss system.
[x] wave system.
[x] response time is 1 tic now.
[x] various level changes; utilizing wave/multi-boss systems.
    - moved pyro, diabloist, inferno, etc. around.
    - moved some music.
[x] added fiendly npc "guards" to hub map.
    note: this was planned since the beginning (v0.1), but hasn't happened until now.
[x] reduced size of hub map.
    - removed (armor)
[x] added secret to hub map.
[x] new start map. (story)
    - Multi-switch system. (for unlocking portal entrance.)
[x] added screen message ("Stage Complete") for when finishing the map, with sound.
[x] added screen message ("Congratulations") for when finishing the game, with sound.
[x] added sound for a boss death.  thx Revilution.
[x] added shortcut teleports to end map.
[x] changed end map to not clear player's inventory.
[x] fixed end map exit nextmap to be hub2
[x] minor music fixes.

[x] tested.

[x] fixed bug when player dies while guards doors opening, prevented the match from restarting.
[x] fixed incorrect ceiling-z setting during boss-reset function, which is partly related to the previous bug fix (above).
[x] fixed bug where warmup door wouldn't close on second re-match, related to previous bug (above).
[x] fixed crash that occurs when re-entering map 19(and 13?) from hub
[x] reduced health of boss 30(Diabloist)
[x] reduced health of boss 28(ApprenticeOfDsparil)
[x] reduced health of boss 29(Avatar)
[x] reduced difficulty of boss 20(Arachnophyte).
[x] reduced difficulty of boss 25(Annihilator).
[x] increased length of boss16(PyroDemon) music, preparing for swap to 4min tier.
[x] swap #1: swapped bosses 16(PyroDemon) and 28(ApprenticeOfDsparil)
[x] swap #2: swapped bosses 28(PyroDemon) and 30(Diabloist)
[x] swap #3: swapped bosses 28(Diabloist) and 29(Avatar)
[x] boss 32: changed guards to be included in phase 1, and added pyrodemons for phase 2 guards(set #2).
[x] adjusted items (armor, ammo, health) in terminator map to conform to new theme of maps.  remove/move blue armor to hub1
[x] more ammo in hubs
[x] change "the end..." to "the end"
[x] ending level with monsters
[x] map8 has impassible walls for outside area.
[x] map8 exit portal has wrong texture for floor
[x] map9 exit area ceiling texture missing
[x] map11 boss rooms have wrong textures.
[x] map13 exit portal textures are wrong.
[x] map14 2nd floor is impassible
[x] map15 boss rooms have wrong textures
[x] map15 exit portal has wrong floor texture
[x] map15 guards dont walk down stairs.
[x] map17 boss doesnt walk down stairs.
[x] map19 exit portal is blocked.
[x] map22 peak hole beams are broken
[x] hub tier 3 wall missing texture
[x] map29 exitway ceiling is incorrect texture
[x] map30 stairs are hard to see
[x] map30,31,32 exit portal leads to wrong hub.
[x] map31 is missing boss.
[x] map32 guards (phase 2) are incorrect.
[x] re-ordered several map names in MAPINFO
[x] boss 7 map scheme: grayscale/purple
[x] boss 8 map scheme: grayscale/red
[x] boss 9 map scheme: darkgray/blue
[x] boss 10 map scheme: hell/darkgray/blue
[x] boss 11 map scheme: hell/cyb/silver
[x] boss 12 map scheme: hell/beige
[x] boss 13(fancy) map scheme: hell/orange/black
[x] boss 14 map scheme: hell/red/red
[x] boss 15(fancy) map scheme: hell/red/red-orange
[x] boss 16 map scheme: heretic/black/red/orange
[x] boss 17 map scheme: hell/cyb
[x] boss 18 map scheme: hell/cyb/spider
[x] boss 19 (done): but change items?
[x] boss 20 map scheme: hell/darkgray/spider
[x] boss 21 map scheme: hell/spider
[x] boss 22 map scheme: hell/brainy/spider
[x] boss 23 map scheme: cyberdemons (perhaps leave as is, just spice up map a tad.)
[x] boss 24 map scheme: cyberdemon/spider (perhaps leave as is, just change map a tad.)
[x] boss 25 map scheme: super cyberdemon
[x] boss 26(fancy) map scheme: black cyberdemon/green
[x] boss 27(fancy) map scheme: black cyberdemon/green
[x] boss 28 map scheme: heretic/black/red
[x] boss 29 map scheme: hell/red
[x] boss 30(extremely fancy) map scheme: hell/black/orange
[x] boss 31 map scheme: heretic/brown/fire

[x] brighten (textures line face) font titles of the gates.
[x] improve contrast between a closed gate and an open gate. (in hub)
[x] fixed it so not only is activator ingame status reset, but everyones is now; for boss restart script.
[x] remove godmode when killing a player.
[x] add cover to map20

[x] minor nerfs to few bosses: 29, 28, 27, 26, 24, 21, 19, 13
[x] fixed 101% boss health
[x] impassible wall fixes on maps1-5
[x] a few texture errors in map02?
[x] review painchance
[x] make rockets go through players

[x] nerfed bosses
[x] added superdemon guards for cyberdemon boss

[x] pyrodemon slightly too strong, and map may want cover.
[x] enable forcerespawn
[x] terminator too strong

[x] boss12 may need more health.  
[x] hellhound too strong
[x] boss10 has too much health
[x] boss14 needs more health
[x] boss19 has too much health
[x] boss20 has too much health
[x] add exit portal to boss19, and remove plasma ammo
[x] set sky to hell, for hell maps
[x] enlarged font for "gate unlocked" messages.
[x] added more ammo to hub
[x] added cover to maps that needed it
[x] raise all smalltext messages to 0.4 perhaps
[x] fix all arena inside walls to be impassible, but maybe not; make pathways up to those ledges for players to shoot from; but boss must be capable of going up there as well.
[x] cleanup/revise config
[x] boss31 guards missing
[x] boss21 guards are missing.
[x] boss22 guard is stuck

[x] fix changelevel to maintain skill
[x] center "out of time" message
[x] impassible map boundries
[x] impassible trees and such (or compat_nopassover 1)
[x] inconsistent textures for boss room compared to warmup room.  
[x] dark lighting for warmup room
[x] remove intermission music
[x] change obiturary so it doesnt say "mech-demon", but rather "blood demon"
[x] boss damage factor not working
[x] map doesnt end if warmup finishes and no players ingame
[x] gate6 not opening after map5 complete
[x] map19 warmup gate not opening, and other issues
[x] tier3 room far wall missing texture
[x] map21 boss room not big enough
[x] map24 boss room not big enough
[x] map27 boss room not big enough
[x] map30 on earth?
[x] hell gate barriers opening on map30 complete, not map29 complete?
[x] map31 boss room not big enough
[x] texture alignment on map32 gateway
[x] texture on backside of top support beam of gate for map30 entrance
[x] glides can bypase spacing on hell gate, and map32 gates.
[x] texture align on ceiling of gates in hub
[x] texture align on curved corners
[x] jail exit gate floor height too short, map2
[x] brightness fix on all gates beams/ceiling
[x] ceiling should not be sky, for tiers 2,3 areas.
[x] ceiling should not be sky, for hell gateway beams
[x] brightness fix on tier3 gate beams.
[x] guards? boss11
[x] boss13 has bad music
[x] boss2 sprites conflict
[x] boss22 sprites conflict with superdemon
[x] reduce painchance on map8 boss
[x] boss28 has too much pain chance
[x] increase mass for boss on map6, and reduce pain chance
[x] boss11 sprites conflict with cybruiser?
[x] boss12 guards need more mass.
[x] clip tree on map1
[x] boss10 (warlord of hell) has blue fireballs?
[ ] boss19 (terminator) re-entry crash when voting changemap back to hub before-hand.
1. Can this mod run without the skulltag*.pk3 files?
As of v1.9.4, you no longer need the skulltag files.

2. Can this mod run with custom weapons?
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RE: Bosses From Hell


Post by Sean » Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:24 pm

I remember playing this some time ago. It was quite fun.
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RE: Bosses From Hell


Post by Evilm0nk » Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:20 pm

Haven't scene you online in awhile arkore, didn't think you were still working on this, glad I am wrong. :biggrin:
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RE: Bosses From Hell


Post by Konda » Tue Oct 14, 2014 8:09 pm

I played this in a server and it was fun. The maps' detailing looks nice. Good thing the Dark Cardinal is not the one from Complex Doom, though a part of me wanted to see all players dying within 5 seconds of the demon's release.
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