SNS #112 - Hordes of Chaos

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SNS #112 - Hordes of Chaos


Post by Sicamore » Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:54 pm

Something that happens rarely here on Zandronum - Heretic! Join us this weekend for a whole megawad, featuring 25 maps that are designed for everybody's favorite magical Doom clone. An interesting selection, Hordes of Chaos has a mix of great textures, great puzzles, and a great pinch of Doom baddies for taste!

IWAD: HERETIC.wad (go buy it, you)
WADs: Fuzzball's text colors,

What day: Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

What time: 18:00 UTC

Central Europe: 20:00
United Kingdom: 19:00
Russia / Moscow: 22:00

Eastern Time: 2:00 PM
Central Time (US): 1:00 PM
Mountain Time: 12:00 PM
Pacific Time: 11:00 AM

Where: Vicious Pariah's servers
Spoiler: Customized Settings (Open)

Player/Client limit: 64/64
Skill: Thou art a smite-meister
Maxlives: 1
Maplist: E1M1-E1M5, E2M1-E2M5, E3M1-E3M5, E4M1-E4M5, E5M1-E5M5

Code: Select all

addmap E1M1
addmap E1M2
addmap E1M3
addmap E1M4
addmap E1M5
addmap E2M1
addmap E2M2
addmap E2M3
addmap E2M4
addmap E2M5
addmap E3M1
addmap E3M2
addmap E3M3
addmap E3M4
addmap E3M5
addmap E4M1
addmap E4M2
addmap E4M3
addmap E4M4
addmap E4M5
addmap E5M1
addmap E5M2
addmap E5M3
addmap E5M4
addmap E5M5
DMFlags: 2179076
DMFlags2: 0
DMFlags3: 16
CompatFlags: 2112880619
CompatFlags2: 59

sv_afk2spec 3
sv_smartaim 2
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