[REL] Eon Deathmatch

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[REL] Eon Deathmatch


Post by Ru5tK1ng » Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:47 am

Hello, I'd like to introduce the latest release of my (and partner's) project named Eon Deathmatch (version F).

What is Eon
It's a gathering of NOS Duel and FFA maps that has been in progress for a very long time. After many revisions and map cuts, I'm finally content with the current group of maps.


What do you mean by NOS?
I mean 'New Old School'. It's simply a name that describes the type of gamplay that these maps are designed for. It's more or less a middle ground of OS settings and typical 'NS' settings. Gameplay is focused around limited ammo, PWO, item respawn, freelook and powerups. It's important to note that awareness pays off a lot especially with half ammo.

Why not just call it NewSchool?
Because that term is quite vague. Everyone knows what settings make up an OS duel but when people throw around 'NS', people just shrug and assume it means Freelook and Jump. While it's partly true, there are no real guidelines or standards (that I'm aware off) when making a NewSchool map. As a result, I attempted to make a standard that borrows from both 'schools' and creates a familiar, yet refreshing game play experience. Perhaps I'll take a shot at SuperNS when people stop arguing over NoSwitch vs Autoswitch (never).

What about jump?
I contemplated adding in design elements for jumping but I decided against it because jumping varies enough between all ports to where it causes a headache and because back then in the beginning jumping was unheard of in dueling and nothing has changed since then. With that said, most maps function well under OS settings and in the instance that this style doesn't go over well, the tried and true is still applicable.

What settings are required?

Code: Select all

Time Limit:15
Fraglimit: 30
dmflags 2446340
dmflags2 201328132
dmflags3 32
compatflags 272504872
compatflags2 584
[spoiler]Skill: Ultra-Violence, Freelook On, Autoswitch off, Item Respawn On, No Jump/Crouch, Old RNG, Silent Bfg, Plas Bump.[/spoiler]

Anything else?
Not much more to cover. The purpose of this project isn't to win a caco-award (never will), but to introduce something new to Doom Dueling. I would like to see other mappers take a shot at making a map to this style (in the very least, it's an excuse to map). Hopefully there is something in the wad that catches people's fancy, if not, well I tried. Any bug reporting would be appreciated. Have An Ice Day.

Get it here:

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RE: [REL] Eon Deathmatch


Post by capodecima » Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:02 pm

Nobody reply here yet?
Well i am not really sure if i talk with you about this or i forgot when i was drunk. But i got exactly this idea some time ago. Make maps for use freelook (but friendly for players playing without freelook), no jumping and respawn items. I have some map in mind which i try make soon. Which will NOS and mostly about timing items like in Quake. I played your one map (map04), only in OS settings and it was pretty good.
I really hope ppl try make maps like this. Its not about try convert aerowalk to doom, bcz it will simple not works. Its all about NOS!

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RE: [REL] Eon Deathmatch


Post by Ru5tK1ng » Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:08 am

Well actually I had the gameplay settings all laid out several years ago. When players tested maps with me on my server through the years (across zd, oda and zan), most were skeptical of the settings at first, but enjoyed them by the end of the session.

In any case, I have a server up on Best Ever (port 15063) for people to test and try out.

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RE: [REL] Eon Deathmatch


Post by Watermelon » Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:56 am

This is a great wad, as seen by it's play count in duel32

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RE: [REL] Eon Deathmatch


Post by Ru5tK1ng » Sun Mar 16, 2014 7:49 pm

Final version released after going through the wad and cleaning up texture errors, items, rooms etc. I added 1 more map and another rail map for kicks. The links in the original post have been updated as well. Have An Ice Day.

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