Master server back up!

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Master server back up!


Post by infurnus » Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:36 pm

The recent issues with the master server have been fixed!

Well, technically we just moved the master server to another server box. So we'll be ironing out any remaining issues over the next few days.

Server hosts will also currently take a little while to sync with it, due to DNS/routing issuse resulting from the server being moved and hosted at a new location as far as I know, but for the most part the master server is now working again and will display servers for you to join and play! Rejoice!

I hope my information has been adequate, any questions or comments may be given below

EDIT: To answer common questions: The previous master server did indeed have issues that were beyond our control
It was either: A) be at the mercy of the server box owner and wait for them to finally fix it (server was down for over a day), or B) just put the master server onto a different server box that was more within our reach
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