SNS #86 - TTV!Zone

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SNS #86 - TTV!Zone


Post by one_Two » Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:44 pm

This week will be the speed-mapping project TTV!Zone, as suggested by Marcaek

IWAD: doom2.wad
WADs: TTV!Zone, Dead-AFK

What day: Saturday, August 24th, 2013

What time: 18:00 UTC

Central Europe: 20:00
United Kingdom: 19:00
Russia / Moscow: 22:00

Eastern Time: 2:00 PM
Central Time (US): 1:00 PM
Mountain Time: 12:00 PM
Pacific Time: 11:00 AM

Where: Vicious Pariah's servers
Spoiler: Customized settings (Open)
Player/Client limit: 64/64
Skill: Ultra Violence
Maxlives: 1
Maplist: MAP01-MAP45

Code: Select all

AddMap MAP01;
AddMap MAP02;
AddMap MAP03;
AddMap MAP04;
AddMap MAP05;
AddMap MAP06;
AddMap MAP07;
AddMap MAP08;
AddMap MAP09;
AddMap MAP10;
AddMap MAP11;
AddMap MAP12;
AddMap MAP13;
AddMap MAP14;
AddMap MAP15;
AddMap MAP16;
AddMap MAP17;
AddMap MAP18;
AddMap MAP19;
AddMap MAP20;
AddMap MAP21;
AddMap MAP22;
AddMap MAP23;
AddMap MAP24;
AddMap MAP25;
AddMap MAP26;
AddMap MAP27;
AddMap MAP28;
AddMap MAP29;
AddMap MAP30;
AddMap MAP31;
AddMap MAP32;
AddMap MAP33;
AddMap MAP34;
AddMap MAP35;
AddMap MAP36;
AddMap MAP37;
AddMap MAP38;
AddMap MAP39;
AddMap MAP40;
AddMap MAP41;
AddMap MAP42;
AddMap MAP43;
AddMap MAP44;
AddMap MAP45;

DMFlags: 2179076
DMFlags2: 0
DMFlags3: 16
CompatFlags: 0
CompatFlags2: 10

set sv_afk_duration 3
set sv_afk_flags 1
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RE: SNS #86 - TTV!Zone


Post by Marcaek » Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:39 pm

I'd suggest having someone with Rcon on hand for the occasional map breakage, also player unblocking will be necessary.

(you might want to consider a dif wad tbh, just in case doing so would be problematic. some issues have arisen and we're having a little trouble dealing with them but it is technically beatable from start to finish regardless)

EDIT: It'd also be appreciated if someone could provide a demo of the session.
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