[BETA] The Eon Collection Volume 1

Maps, modifications, add-ons, projects, and other releases for Zandronum. Also includes announcers.
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[BETA] The Eon Collection Volume 1


Post by Ru5tK1ng » Fri Jan 07, 2022 5:59 am


Hello all, I hope you're enjoying the new year. If not, then perhaps a small gift could change all of that (or not). I present to you a collaborative effort by MXU and Ru5ty Sh4ck entitled The Eon Collection Vol. 1. This collection contains the definitive versions of DBAB, AEONDM and NeonDm altogether in one package for a grand total of 82 maps. There have been a vast amounts of fixes, changes, and improvements made to the maps and the most notable one being the addition of vanilla item layouts for DBAB maps. With this big change, all the DBAB maps can finally be ran with other custom weapon mods and DBAB itself is brought into continuity with Aeon and Neon in this regard. Another small bonus is the return of Blast Furnace from DBAB2 with additions and improvements made by yours truly. For this release, there are currently only 3 compatibility options implemented at this time with additional compatibility options expected to added in future releases:

Skill 2: Aeon Champions - QCDE support (only for NeonDM maps)
Skill 3: The Vanilla Era - Vanilla weapon compatibility
Skill 4: Eon Experience - Eon Weapons comparability

Future updates will occur in small patches because I don't want to make people download a 230+ MB pk3 10 times for every batch of changes. With all that said, happy fragging and have an ice day.

Download: Beta 1
Eon Weapons: Latest Version
Credits: Inside the pk3

Spoiler: Maplist (Open)
Episode 1: Don't Be A Bitch LMS
Dbab01: Fade - Decay
Dbab02: Azazel's Unholy Roast - Dusk
Dbab03: Keep Alive - Strangle/CombineBobNT
Dbab04: Corridor Corral - Keo
Dbab05: Mighty Sweep - Strangle/Dusk
Dbab06: Complexed Doom - CombineBobNT/Ru5tK1ng
Dbab07: Eve - Strangle/Decay
Dbab08: Take Two - Ru5tK1ng
Dbab09: Complex Omega - Decay
Dbab10: Chaotic Field - Strangle/Ru5tK1ng
Dbab11: Desperate Run - Strangle/Ru5tK1ng
Dbab12: Hyberbaric - Jdagenet
Dbab13: L'Hospital's Rule - Argentum
Dbab14: Lunar Base - Ru5tK1ng
Dbab15: Fat Smile Sanctuary - CombineBobNT
Dbab16: Clientside Orbiter - Argentum
Dbab17: Anubis Machine - Dusk
Dbab18: Overclocked Machinapolis - Dusk
Dbab19: Operation Metal Extraction - Decay
Dbab20: Prosopopoeia - Grymmoire
Dbab21: Paranormal Digg Site - HeavenWraith
Dbab22: Spirit Temple - Decay
Dbab23: The Murder of Lord Unfinisher - HeavenWraith
Dbab24: Final Liberation - Ivan
Dbab25: Beyond Omega - Decay
Dbab26: Nightfall of Premonition - Ru5tK1ng
Dbab27: Forage - Mobius
Dbab28: High Voltage - Grymmoire
Dbab29: Reborn Mechanics - Strangle/Decay
Dbab30: Captive Satellite - Argentum
Dbab31: Surrender to Ivan - Ivan
Dbab32: Azure Agony - Ivan
Dbab33: Within the Sea of Solaris - Argentum
Dbab34: Blast Furnace - Keo/Ru5tK1ng

Episode 2: Aeon Deathmatch
Aeon01: Vanish - Decay
Aeon02: Solitaire - Razgriz
Aeon03: Echoes of Night - Dranzer
Aeon04: Techno-Junky - Decay
Aeon05: Swept Away - Razgriz
Aeon06: Havoc - Grymmoire
Aeon07: Haven - Combinebobnt
Aeon08: Assault Horizon - Razgriz
Aeon09: Hive - Grymmoire/Combinebobnt
Aeon10: Silo - Combinebobnt
Aeon11: Spiritual Awakening - Decay
Aeon12: Hong Kong Adventure - Combinebobnt/IvanDobrovski
Aeon13: Broken Hearts - Decay/Heavenwraith
Aeon14: Temple of the Warbird - Argentum
Aeon15: Space Warehouse Rumbles at Night - Dranzer/Decay
Aeon16: Breakthrough - Dranzer
Aeon17: Midnight Temple - Decay/Grymmoire
Aeon18: Urban Desolation - Ru5tK1ng
Aeon19: Wrong Number - Razgriz/Grymmoire
Aeon20: Quirk of Fate - Razgriz
Aeon21: Lava Laboratory - Razgriz
Aeon22: Decayed and Conquered - Decay/Dynamo
Aeon23: At Least It's Not Vanilla - Grymmoire
Aeon24: Edrick's Citadel - Decay/Ru5tK1ng/IvanDobrovski
Aeon25: Internal Conflict - Dranzer
Aeon26: The Heliomancers of Orionis - Argentum
Aeon27: Zinbrooks - Jdagenet
Aeon28: Thingol's Cave - Decay
Aeon29: Intense Collision - Razgriz
Aeon30: Dusk to Dawn - Combinebobnt
Aeon31: Blind Corridor - Argentum/Razgriz
Aeon32: Uncapable Flight Operator - Dranzer/Combinebobnt
Aeon33: Prismatic - Decay/Razgriz/Combinebobnt/Argentum/Dranzer/Ru5tK1ng/Grymmoire

Episode 3: Neon Deathmatch
Neon01 - Activation - Razgriz
Neon02 - Magnum - Jdagenet with some retexturing by KillerKouhai
Neon03 - SpaceComp - Razgriz
Neon04 - Hidden Dominion - Argentum
Neon05 - Submerged Memory - Layout by Dranzer, fixed by Decay and detailed by HeavenWraith
Neon06 - Krigstempel - Argentum
Neon07 - Project Dark-Lite - Layout by Decay, detailed by Decay and Killerkouhai
Neon08 - Agent Orange - Layout by CombinebobNT, fixed and detailed by Razgriz
Neon09 - Sub Nautical - Layout by CombinebobNT, fixed and detailed by Razgriz and Decay
Neon10 - Enter Quetzalcoatl - Layout by CombinbobNT, detailed by HeavenWraith
Neon11 - Tokyo Rooftops - Razgriz with detail suggestions by Decay and Killerkouhai
Neon12 - Linear Light - Razgriz
Neon13 - Toluene - Layout by CombinebobNT, fixed by Razgriz and detailed by Jdagenet
Neon14 - Digitality - Dragonfly
Neon15 - Future Retrospect - Decay

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