[USDQC] Wednesday Night Deathmatch #134 - Insomnia: Beta0

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[USDQC] Wednesday Night Deathmatch #134 - Insomnia: Beta0


Post by Lil'Ruff » Thu Dec 02, 2021 6:36 am


Back at it again on Zandronum, and for our next session we have lined up -- Insomnia! While the title of this wad denotes the beta status, it is pretty fleshed out and enjoyable. This pack from Madgunner, Collision and Doomination contains a good combination of both old school, new school maps, duel maps, FFA maps, as well as a few maps unique to Zandronum! For this session, the mapinfo has been modified to disallow jump on the OS maps and enable jump for the NS maps. The variations should allow for some fun and interesting matches, so hop on in and frag away!

Provide some feedback and keep up to date with the progress of Insomnia by joining the Insomnia Discord

We will be using the latest Zandronum 3.1 build (currently Zandronum 3.1-alpha-211205-2031) and this can be obtained from https://zandronum.com/download

Date: December 8, 2021
Time: 8:00PM CST
Server: [USDQC] Wednesday Night Deathmatch

Skill: Nightmare
Frag limit: 40
Time limit: 8
IWAD: doom2
PWADs: insomniabeta0zandro.wad, wndm134.wad, zandrospree2rc2.pk3, newtextcolours_260.pk3
Maps: MAP01-10, MAP25-31
Players: 16/32
Spoiler: Server Settings (Open)
DMFlags: 6837252
DMFlags2: 1024
ZADMFlags: 32768
CompatFlags: 0
CompatFlags2: 0
ZACompatFlags: 8

Code: Select all

addmap map01
addmap map02
addmap map03
addmap map04
addmap map05
addmap map06
addmap map07
addmap map08
addmap map09
addmap map10
addmap map25
addmap map26
addmap map27
addmap map28
addmap map29
addmap map30
addmap map31
sv_aircontrol 0.25
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