[USDQC] Wednesday Night Deathmatch #133 - Fxdms-3

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[USDQC] Wednesday Night Deathmatch #133 - Fxdms-3


Post by Lil'Ruff » Tue Nov 30, 2021 5:27 am


We are back on Zandronum again for 2 weeks and this week we have another Skulltag mapset lined up with Fxdms-3. This pack from 2007 is the third installment from the Fxdms series, featuring 12 DM maps with 6 duel maps. We will be running through the duel maps + the first 11 maps. Along with the maps, there are some weapon recolors, new sound effects and midi music!

We will be using the latest Zandronum 3.1 build (currently Zandronum 3.1-alpha-211128-1928 ) and this can be obtained from https://zandronum.com/download

Date: December 1, 2021
Time: 8:00PM CST
Server: [USDQC] Wednesday Night Deathmatch

Skill: Nightmare
Frag limit: 40
Time limit: 8
IWAD: doom2
PWADs: skulltag_content-3.0-beta01.pk3, fxdms3.wad, zandrospree2rc2.pk3, newtextcolours_260.pk3
Maps: D2DUEL1-6, D2DM1-11
Players: 16/32
Spoiler: Server Settings (Open)
DMFlags: 6312964
DMFlags2: 1024
ZADMFlags: 32768
CompatFlags: 524352
CompatFlags2: 0
ZACompatFlags: 4104

Code: Select all

addmap D2DUEL1
addmap D2DUEL2
addmap D2DUEL3
addmap D2DUEL4
addmap D2DUEL5
addmap D2DUEL6
addmap D2DM1
addmap D2DM2
addmap D2DM3
addmap D2DM4
addmap D2DM5
addmap D2DM6
addmap D2DM7
addmap D2DM8
addmap D2DM9
addmap D2DM10
addmap D2DM11

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