StrategyCTF (Looking for mappers)

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StrategyCTF (Looking for mappers)


Post by DoubleK1LL » Wed Jul 14, 2021 7:42 am

Hi all,

I'm pretty much nobody in this community at this stage but I am looking to work with other mappers/modders for a slick new CTF.

I used to work on Doom projects in my free time but never released anything public. I'm talking Circa 2007 here, so a long long time ago.

Lately I figured I'd take up some Doom modding again and wanted to start things off with a concept I had a long time ago.

The way in which I wanted to implement the ideas surrounding this concept were not entirely possible in the past but are now possible thanks to the advancements in GZdoom/Zandronum.

I'd like to create a CTF map pack that adds extra elements of strategy into the mix. However, I don't wish to map (more on that soon). CTF in it's original form is super fun, but I wanted to experiment with making it...crazy.

I always wanted to play with the idea of having bases that utilised defence and offence more, while having extra steps in order to secure the enemy flag.

One of the main ideas was having shields that need to be taken down in order to access the enemy flag. At the moment, I've been playing with the idea of having a power generator that needs to be destroyed in order to lower the flags shield.

In addition to that, I'd like to add elements of the map that dynamically change as the game progresses. For example, if your base is being overwhelmed by enemies, it could build itself up with additional defences such as turrets to assist your team. I have tested this but it's now shown in the video. It's pretty straight forward though. You have linedefs or actor enters sector run ACS and when a certain amount of enemy players are in a region or have passed that area, you can have a turret pop out of the ground which the players can stand on for assisted defence.

Could also make the turrets so that the players can shoot out but it's difficult for the opponent to shoot in.

Having random environmental aspects changing was another idea. Perhaps parts of the map that shift around or change at random, which could either benefit the player or hinder them. I played with a simple wall that lowers and raises at random. This way, you could be running across the map and suddenly the environment shifts and interrupts your path. Or perhaps you could be running away from someone and that wall comes up and blocks enemy fire, giving you a swift getaway.

Here's a video with a basic map I made just to demonstrate some of the idea, keeping in mind this is really early but just to show you that it works so far:

phpBB [media]

A couple of things to note in this demo:

* Allies can always walk through their own shield, so scoring is never hindered.
* Flag shields do not block projectiles or hitscan weapons, so that way allies cannot take advantage of the flag shield.
* Enemies must destroy the power generator to temporarily take down the flag shield. They cannot camp in the enemy teams shield and will be killed when the shield comes back up. Allies are never killed in their own flag shield.
* Having some base shields that don't block players but block projectiles and hitscans allows for simple implementation of defences. These could also be taken down with other strategies in the map (shown in a basic form in the video)

Anyway, now to the point. I can map, but I can't map that well. I lack the creativity and motivation for some sweet ass CTF maps.

If you are a proficient mapper and wish to help create a few maps for this project (for which you will be credited, of course), please get in touch.

I will effectively handle almost everything else from additional graphics, music, sounds, and ACS. Anyone who is also proficient in decorate & Zscript may be welcome as well. I would really love to have deployable drones that can follow the player and shoot the enemy, but it's a bit beyond my current skillset.

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